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Download Apps and games instantly using the magic motion remote on you LG Smart TV. After the app is installed, launch the app and enjoy it on your Smart LED. +Cable-free live TV. No cable box required. +Stream major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more, including your local sports & news channels. +Watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV. +Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits.

YouTube TV Android latest 5.23.4 APK Download and Install. Watch and DVR live TV from 85+ channels, including sports networks. Smart YouTube TV APK is served only in the United States. The official website of the YouTube TV is Smart YouTube TV is a popular app in the United States. But the main problem is that this app shows ads in it, which is annoying. So, we are sharing here YouTUbe TV Mod APK, which don’t have ads in it. May 25, 2021 1- Open the Settings Security Find the Unknown Source Option & Enable it. 2-Download Smart Youtube Tv Adfree Apk from this Link- Smart Youtube TV APK to your Android TV/Firestick via Bluetooth or Send Files to TV App.

Smart YouTube TV

YouTube client for set-top boxes and Android-based TVs

Nova-days devices like TVs usually have a number of problems with YouTube. This app is intended to fix such flaws



  • 4K support
  • runs without Google Services
  • designed for TV screens
  • stock controller support
  • multilingual search keyboard
  • fully localized


If you want to support my developments you are welcome to buy me a cup of coffee :)

  • BTC: 1JAT5VVWarVBkpVbNDn8UA8HXNdrukuBSx
  • LTC: ltc1qgc24eq9jl9cq78qnd5jpqhemkajg9vudwyd8pw
  • ETH: 0xe455E21a085ae195a097cd4F456051A9916A5064
  • ETC: 0x209eCd33Fa61fA92167595eB3Aea92EE1905c815
  • XMR: 48QsMjqfkeW54vkgKyRnjodtYxdmLk6HXfTWPSZoaFPEDpoHDwFUciGCe1QC9VAeGrgGw4PKNAksX9RW7myFqYJQDN5cHGT


  • Beta release (codename SmartTubeNext)

Youtube Tv On Smart Tv

Source code

  • Source code

What to Choose?

The Stable version is intended for the casual users.The Beta version is intended for advanced users which want to have 4K and customizable UI.

Youtube install free download smart tv samsung

Found a bug?

You can report in the issue tracker on Github or tell us in our Telegram group (see below).



Telegram group (EN): @SmartYouTubeTV_en
Telegram group (RU): @SmartYouTubeTV
Telegram group Next (EN): @SmartTubeNext_en
Telegram group Next (RU): @SmartTubeNext
Email: first.hash at gmail dot com

Youtube Install Free Download Smart Tv

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Smart YouTube TV

YouTube client for media boxes and TV based on Android WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT! Currently, many devices have problems with YouTube. The purpose of the application is to correct this flaw.


  • 4K support
  • no dependency on Google services
  • looks great on the TV screen
  • support for the native control panel
  • localized search keyboard
  • Without advertising
  • support all languages

NOTE: SmartYouTubeTV provides internal login mechanism which allows you to keep content up to date in a very convenient way.

Install SmartYouTubeTV:

Easy installation in less than 5 minutes with only the FireTV
Install SmartYouTubeTV (only FireTV needed)Standard installation via ADB
If you don’t know how to sideload/install apps via ADB, read a tutorial (e.g. this one)
Download latest SmartYouTubeTV APK and sideload/install with adb:
adb install -r SmartYouTubeTV_Orig.apk

How to change system language with only the MiTV3How-to-enable-English-on-Android-5.1
Starting screen:
The device/resolution options at start launches different playing methods (as per

1080 Main – WebView
1080 Alt – XWalk
4K Main – Exoplayer + WebView
4K Alt – Exoplayer + XWalk
Also important, it’s possible to select max resolution and codec (ie 1080/AVC1) via the start screen that will be applied on video loading (Codec option). The Remember tick box acts as a configuration saving for next witcher 3 following the thread launches.

Whats New:

  • Live streams fix


Youtube Install Free Download Smart Tv App Ptcl

How to Download? [Read Here]

Youtube App For Smart Tv

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