Xtracycle Free Radical Installation

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The Cargo Monster system retails for $1049, including an Xtracycle Long Tail kit (side rails, bags, and top deck). This includes mounts specific to your bike or trike, as well as a cable extender, cable, and housing for the rear deraileur. Cargo Monsters are made in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Xtracycle Free Radical Installation

The Last Free Radical. Ever.

This is the last Xtracycle Free Radical Cargo kit.

The FreeRadical is a bicycle extension — extending the versatility of your bike. Take a road bike or mountain bike and convert it to a utility bike for carrying nearly everything you carry in your daily life.

Xtracycle Free Radical Installation System

Basically an extension to the rear triangle of your bike, it provides a multi-configuration platform for carrying cargo or a passenger.



Xtracycle Free Radical Installation Tool

Java audi connect download client. Add accessories such as a LongLoader to carry longer items such as a surf board, a WideLoader or SideCar can carry wider items like small coolers, passenger accessories, such as Footsies, a seat cushion, and high quality child seats make your bike a people mover.

The Xtracycle mounts to your bike in the position where your rear wheel is normally located. The Xtracycle is bolted onto a bike’s rear dropouts and chainstay. The rear bike wheel is then installed on the rear dropouts of the Xtracycle. In this position the rear wheel is extended 15″ behind its normal position, providing a very stable base for carrying cargo or passengers.

All Xtracycles kits are built around the Free Radical base kit which includes theFree Radical Frame with cantilever and disc brake mounts, extra long brake & shifter cables, mounting hardware, and a kick stand (everything needed for installation to your bike). The Xtracycle installation requires the use of a longer 86″ chain. For setting up an Xtracycle you can use the included 30″ (6/7/8 speed) chain extension to add to your chain.Upgrade to an Adventure Kit, or keep the bare bones of just a frame. Be a part of the bike solution revolution!

Download the Free Radical Instruction Manual. The FreeRadical requires a 203mm rear rotor is “IS” (international) mount, not post.

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