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Go to the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 download page on the Microsoft website. Select Install Instructions to see which packages are available for download, and make note of the one that you need. Select the appropriate language from the drop-down list, and then select Download. Select the packages you need to install, select Next, and then follow. Acer Drivers Update Utility For Windows 7 updates your Windows 7 Drivers for Acer Laptops automatically. It will scan your Windows 7 first then download and install Acer official Drivers to let your Acer Laptop work properly. The Acer Drivers Update Utility keeps your Acer laptop Windows system up-to-date.

Automatic Driver Download, Driver Update & Driver Backup Tool for Windows 7 XP Vista 2000 ME & 98
Driver Detective is the most popular and trusted Windows Driver Download Tool in the World since 1996 when it was first released. Since then, it has technologically evolved in to an intelligent software with capabilities to detect hardware installed in your PC Laptop and Automatically Update all the Drivers from their original manufacturer websites in less than 3 minutes.
Driver Detective has the largest Windows Driver Database with more than 27,000,000 (27 million) Drivers for every hardware that was ever manufactured for a PC or Laptop. The database is updated everyday.
Driver Detective can also backup your existing drivers already installed in your PC or Laptop to a Cd or USB as an exe file. This driver backup .exe file can be used later to install all these drivers into the same PC or a different computer with just a single mouse click. You can also backup your files to the online database of Driver Detective.
Driver Detective is Certified by Softpedia and has many awards. Everyday more than a million people download Driver Detective and it has over 126 million registered users from more than 100 countries world wide.

Windows 7 Download Drivers Automatically

Fix all your Missing Drivers and Corrupted Windows Driver Problems. Update all your Device Drivers in 3 minutes. Backup your installed Drivers to CD. Make all your hardware work like new again.


Automatic Driver Download & Software Update Tool for Windows 7 XP & Vista
DriverCure Automatic Download Driver Tool was released a few years back. It wasdesigned for Windows XP, Vista and later for Windows 7. It not only updates your Device Drivers but it also has the capability of updating all your softwares as well, which is a feature that no other driver download tools has.
DriverCure works a little different from Driver Detective. It does not have a driver database. But it has a database of over 4000 hardware manufacturers and more than 3500 software vendors whose websites are monitored on a daily basis for new driver release.
When you download, install and run DriverCure, it will detect all your installed hardware devices as well as all your installed software and then searches the internet for the original vendor websites to check if there are any updates to your installed software or updated drivers for your hardware devices are available. When you click DriverCure will automatically update all your Device Drivers and all your Software to the latest version.
DriverCure access over 12 million drivers including 3.5 million from popular brands like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Lg, HP, Gateway, ATi, Realtek, Creative etc.
Fix all your Driver Problems, Update all your Missing & Corrupted Drivers to latest drivers. Update all your Software also to latest version with DriverCure.

Driver Genius

Automatic Driver Download & Update Tool Plus Driver Backup Tool for Windows PC
Driver Genius Pro is another popular Windows Driver Download Tool. Designed for easy Updating of Windows Drivers without any user input it does this job well.
Driver Genius Pro is designed to Fix all your Missing and Corrupted Driver Problems and Update all your drivers to the latest version for better hardware performance.
Driver Genius pro allows you to backup your Drivers Online, download and Update Drivers from its Driver Database.
Driver Genius maintains a database of all drivers released by hardware manufacturers in its database. When you download and install Driver Genius Pro, it will detect your hardware and gives you a list of drivers that are either out of date or has updated drivers available for download.
When you click Fix Drivers it will download the latest drivers and installs them automatically. It is very easy to use.
Driver Genius Pro has access to millions of drivers in its online databse which is fast growing every day.
Download Driver Genius

A boot-start driver is a driver for a device that must be installed to start the Microsoft Windows operating system. Most boot-start drivers are included 'in-the-box' with Windows, and Windows automatically installs these boot-start drivers during the text-mode setup phase of Windows installation. If a boot-start driver for a device is not included 'in-the-box' with Windows, a user can install an additional vendor-supplied boot-start driver for the device during text-mode setup.

To install a device that is required to start Windows, but whose driver is not included with the operating system, a user must do the following:

  1. Install the device hardware and turn on the computer.

  2. Begin your Windows installation (run the Windows setup program). During the text-mode phase of the installation (at the beginning of the installation), Windows displays a message that indicates that you can press a specific Fn key to install a boot-start driver.

  3. When Windows displays this message, press the specified Fn key to install the boot-start driver and then insert a boot-start driver distribution disk.

Note This procedure demonstrates how you can install a driver that is not included 'in-the-box' with Windows. Do not use this procedure to replace or update a driver that is included with Windows. Instead, wait until Windows starts and use Device Manager to perform an 'update driver' operation on the device.

Windows 7 Installation Drivers Free Download 32-bit

When Windows fails to start, certain error messages that are displayed can indicate that a boot-start driver is missing. The following table describes several error messages and their possible causes.

Error messagePossible cause

Inaccessible boot device

The boot disk is a third-party mass-storage device that requires a driver that is not included with Windows.

Setup could not determine your machine type

A new HAL driver is required. This error does not occur on most machines, but it might occur on a high-end server.

Setup could not find any hard drives in your computer

The required boot device drivers for the hard drives are not loaded.

Windows 7 Installation Drivers Free Download

Windows 7 Installation Drivers free. download full

Boot-Start Driver Distribution Disk

A boot-start driver distribution disk is a medium, such as a floppy disk or USB flash drive, that contains a TxtSetup.oem file and the related driver files. The TxtSetup.oem file is a text file that contains a list of hardware components, a list of files on the distribution disk that will be copied to the system, and a list of registry keys and values that will be created. A sample TxtSetup.oem file is provided with the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), under the src directory of the WDK. For details about the contents of a TxtSetup.oem file, see TxtSetup.oem File Format.

The following requirements and recommendations apply to platform-specific and cross-platform distributions disks:

  • Platform-specific distribution disks (Windows Server 2003 and earlier)

    Windows requires a platform-specific distribution disk for each platform that a driver supports. A platform-specific distribution disk contains one TxtSetup.oem file and the related driver files. The TxtSetup.oem file must be located in the root directory of the distribution disk.

  • Cross-platform and platform-specific distribution disks (Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and later versions)

    Windows supports cross-platform distribution disks that contain two or more platform-specific TxtSetup.oem files and the related driver files.

    To distinguish between platforms on a cross-platform distribution disk, use the platform directories that are listed in the following table.

    PlatformPlatform directoryDefault directory










On a cross-platform distribution disk, Windows uses the platform-specific TxtSetup.oem file that is located in the platform directory that corresponds to the platform on which Windows is running. If a corresponding platform directory that contains a platform-specific TxtSetup.oem file does not exist, Windows uses the TxtSetup.oem file in the default directory, if one is present.

Windows also supports platform-specific distribution disks. A platform-specific distribution disk contains one platform-specific TxtSetup.oem file and the related driver files. The TxtSetup.oem file must be located either in its corresponding platform directory, as is done for cross-platform distribution disks, or in the default directory of the distribution disk.

The driver files for a given platform on a cross-platform distribution disk or on a platform-specific distribution disk must be located relative to the directory that contains the platform-specific TxtSetup.oem file.

Tip Although not required, we recommend that a TxtSetup.oem file always be placed in a corresponding platform directory. Using platform directories eliminates the possibility that Windows might attempt to use a TxtSetup.oem file that is incompatible with the platform on which Windows is running. For example, if a user attempts an unattended installation on a platform with a distribution disk that does not contain a corresponding platform directory, Windows cannot determine whether the TxtSetup.oem file in the default directory is compatible with the platform. If a driver fails to load because the driver is incompatible with the platform, Windows displays an error message and terminates the unattended installation.