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Based in Philadelphia, Xfinity/Comcast started offering internet services in 1996. It became the largest provider of cable internet in the United States by 2011. The company has 26.5 million customers for its high-speed internet services.

  1. What Is Xfinity Free Self Install Kits
  2. Setting Up Your Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service Using The Self-Install Kit

In 2017, Xfinity announced a redesigned home hub system, called xFi. This connects its users with faster Wi-Fi in the home, integrating Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Thread protocols to support home automation products as well as standard internet access. The company’s interest in the expanding field of home automation and the Internet of Things extends into the provision of home security systems. The home security system gives visual access to homeowners to security cameras footage over the internet to their smartphones, so they can supervise their homes while traveling, out on errands or at work.

The Xfinity Wi-Fi project offers Wi-Fi hotspots across the Xfinity service area. The access points for this service are provided by Xfinity equipment placed to cover public spaces and also the hubs installed in the homes and premises of Xfinity customers. This policy has proved to be controversial as the home subscribers who host hotspot hubs have no control over which passing stranger can access the internet through them.

The extension of access to the internet for the general population through the Wi-Fi routers placed in the homes of Xfinity subscribers raises the issue of liability. Consumers worried that they could be held accountable if outsiders used the internet access of private routers for illegal activities. However, the public/private Xfinity Wi-Fi hubs create two networks, one private, to which members of the general population do not have access and one public, which can only give access to those with an Xfinity account. The requirement to log in with an account also makes it possible to trace any illegal activity to a specific individual, making it clear that the home hosting the hub is not responsible.

  1. What's Included in an Xfinity Internet Getting Started Kit Comcast offers a variety of options to self-install your services. Each Getting Started kit comes with everything you need to quickly and easily set up your devices and activate your services. Read on to learn more about the Xfinity Internet Getting Started kit.
  2. May 15, 2018 A customer can use an Xfinity self-install kit with a modem leased from Comcast, or purchase his/her own modem. Orders can be completed online, in-person at an Xfinity retail store, or by phone.

With both providers, you can skip the fee by going with a self-install kit and plugging everything in yourself, though Spectrum charges $10 for its self-install kit while Xfinity's kit comes free.

As a cable TV network, the Xfinity system is primarily concerned with selling entertainment packages. However, as with all cable TV networks in North America, the company also offers telephone and internet over its cables. The company is particularly active in marketing bundles of services to its customers. So, anyone shopping around for an internet service is likely to get a better deal by combining the service with an internet and telephone package.

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Save some money by installing Xfinity service yourself.

Save money and time with a free Xfinity installation kit

Don’t like waiting for a cable installer to show up for an appointment “sometime between noon and 5 p.m.?” Good news: You can do it yourself with an Xfinity free installation kit—and save $89.99 in the process. You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to set up Xfinity internet and Wi-Fi.

New Xfinity cable TV subscribers are eligible for a free installation kit when they bundle internet service with television. Current Xfinity TV customers are also eligible if they add an internet bundle. The only real requirement is having a functioning Xfinity cable line to your home.

What Is Xfinity Free Self Install Kit

You may be denied a free installation kit for the following reasons:

  • Your residence has never had Xfinity service before, meaning a technician will need to install a cable line.
  • Your residence hasn’t had active Xfinity service for 12 months or longer. To determine if the cable line still carries a signal, a technician will need to check it.
  • Your residence requires a more complicated setup or four or more pieces of Xfinity equipment.

What you get with an Xfinity free installation kit

After you sign up for Xfinity internet service, you’ll receive a Getting Started kit. Setting up the equipment won’t require any extra tools, and you should be able to complete the installation in under 30 minutes. We cover the step-by-step process in our Xfinity installation guide.

What’s included with the Xfinity internet Getting Started kit:

  • An envelope containing a Comcast Customer Privacy Notice and Agreement for Residential Services
  • A Getting Started guide
  • An xFi Wireless Gateway (modem/router)
  • A coaxial cable (to connect xFi to incoming cable)
  • An Ethernet cable (to connect directly to xFi)
  • An xFi power cord

Buy your own: You don’t have to use Xfinity’s modem/router—read our recommendations for purchasing your own gear in our Best Xfinity-Compatible Modems review.

If you’re bundling with TV service, you’ll also receive the following:

  • An Xfinity cable box with remote
  • A second coaxial cable
  • A cable splitter (to send separate lines to xFi and cable box)

If you’d rather have an Xfinity technician install your internet service, there’s a one-time fee of $89.99. Contact Xfinity to set up an appointment.

What Is Xfinity Free Self Install Kits

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Setting Up Your Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service Using The Self-Install Kit

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