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The batteries come with a three-year warranty that includes free replacement. Sam’s Club Car Battery Prices and Installation. Sams Club battery prices vary depending on the particular type and brand of battery a potential customer is looking to purchase. Typically, Sam’s Club car batteries range from $50 to $200 depending on the brand and type. Walmart Car Battery Warranty Explained. This will differ for each battery, so read on the description before you purchase or on your current battery. Walmarts Everystart batteries include a 5-year warranty, the first years you will receive a free battery if anything happens with your first one. Mar 26, 2020 Walmart Auto Care Centers install car batteries. There is no cost for battery installation if a new car battery is purchased at a Walmart location that has an attached auto center. Walmart Auto Care Centers also install non-Walmart car batteries for a fee. Walmart Battery Services Walmart also provides comprehensive battery installation services of batteries and components whether they are purchased from Walmart or not. These battery packages also come with battery non-corrosion treatment and battery terminal replacement. Walmart Oil and Lube Services. Tire & Battery Center Hours. Tire Installation Services. Premium Tire Installation Package (PTIP) $20.00 per wheel charge. Only applies to Passenger and Light Truck tires purchased at Sam’s Club. Dual-rear wheel vehicles (duallies), RVs, motor homes, and specialty vehicles are NOT eligible for this package.

Sam’s Club car Batteries

Sam’s Club is a large discount retailer that operates warehouse style locations. Owned by the Walton family, Sam’s Club requires that shoppers pay annual membership fees in order to access their various locations. Each location offers a variety of services in order to add a level of convenience that most discount retailers lack. The Sam’s Club battery center gives members access to affordably priced vehicle batteries that come with extended warranties and free instillation.

Sam’s Club car Battery Types and Brands

Sam’s Club only offers one type of battery found below.

Sam’s Club Duracell Battery– At this time Sam’s Club exclusively offers Duracell brand for all of their auto batteries. Each location offers a variety of sizes and power levels that can be used to power cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and boats. The batteries come with a three-year warranty that includes free replacement.

Walmart Free Battery Installation

Sam’s Club Car Battery Prices and Installation

Sams Club battery prices vary depending on the particular type and brand of battery a potential customer is looking to purchase. Typically, Sam’s Club car batteries range from $50 to $200 depending on the brand and type. Battery services will range from $3-$5 and installation are absolutely free for Sam’s Club purchased car batteries. Sam’s Club car batteries also offer different warranties from different brands of car batteries; this essentially means that in case your car battery dies before the specified time, you will be able to get a replacement battery for free. To view Sam’s Club battery prices for your vehicle click HERE.

How to Purchase Sam’s Club car Batteries

Purchasing Sam’s Club auto battery is pretty simple. Customers have the option of making their Sam’s Club battery purchase online or in store. If you opt to visit Sam’s Club store for your next car battery purchase , you will need to give Sam’s Club representative some information about your vehicle such as Year , Make, Model, and engine size. Sam’s Club team member will look up the batteries currently in stock for your vehicle and give you a few choices to choose from. After you select your battery ,Sam’s Club representative will instal it for you and take your old battery to be recycled. You can also buy Sam’s Club battery online; To purchase Sam’s Club batteries online and to view Sam’s Club battery prices click HERE.

Walmart Tire Center is one of the many departments within the Walmart chain of department stores. With their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, this chain of stores is known for having discounted prices that are typically lower than most of their competitors. This chain was founded back in 1962 and currently has nearly 6,000 locations spanning the United States and many other countries. While Walmart is best known for their cheap food, they also have a Auto Center that provides low cost car services such as oil & lube services, battery services, and tire services. In this post we will take a look into Walmart tire service.

Overview of Walmart Tires Department

You will quickly discover that Walmart offers a number of different tire options and brands. From truck tires to winter tires, no matter what sort of tires you are looking to get for your vehicle, you will most likely be able to get them from Walmart Tire Center. You will find that Walmart has lots of different brands to choose from, including Michelin, Bridgestone, General Grabber, Uniroyal, Goodyear, Hankook, Dunlop, BFGoodrich, Continental, Kumho, Nitto, and others. Some of the different types of tires that you will have to choose from at these stores include car & truck tires, trailer tires, ATV tires, golf cart tires, lawn & tractor tires, and motorcycle tires.

How To Buy Tires From Walmart Tire Center?

Purchasing tires from Walmart is simple and fast. Just head over to Walmart’s Tire Center website, and select the tires you need for example Car & Truck Tires, Trailer Tires, etc. Once you select the tires you need, narrow down your search results by filtering out the tires for your specific auto by searching for tires by type, brand, size, or vehicle. Malayalam movies 2018 download. It is very important that you get tires that are fully compatible with your vehicle, so you will therefore want to search for tires for your specific car. The last thing you want to do is to buy tires that you can’t even use with your vehicle because they don’t match at all.

You can narrow down your search results even more by brand, price, warranty, tire season, customer rating, etc. This can help you find the best and cheapest tires for your needs. Once you’ve made your selection, simply add to cart and proceed with the checkout. Remember that this price does not include installation and other fees if your trying to have Walmart install them.

Continue reading below to find out how much Walmart charges for tire installation and other fees such as disposal.

Walmart Tires Prices & Service Fees

The total amount that you spend on tires from Walmart will depend on the brand, size, and type of the tires you get. It is important that you take as much time as possible to look into the different options you have so you can get the best possible deal. You will find that some brands tend to be more expensive than others, so you will therefore want to compare what is offered by each one. The more time you spend doing this research, the better your chances will be of getting exactly what you need.

When it comes to tire-related services, the prices are generally quite reasonable. Walmart charges $12 per tire for basic installation, $22 per tire for valu tire installation, $9 for lifetime balance & rotation, $3 per tire for valve stem installation, $10 per tire for flat tire repair, $5 per tire for tire mounting, $2.50 per tire for tire rotation, $2 per tire for lug nut replacement, and $5 per tire for resetting tire pressure monitoring system sensors. There are quite a few different tire services that you will be able to take advantage, and the prices for each one is listed on the Walmart website on the Tire page.

You will find that the cost of each tire that Walmart sells can also be found when you perform a basic search on their official website. When you actually spend the time looking through the pages of tires there are, you will most likely be able to get a great deal on what you need. There is also a “Discount” section in the Tire page that you will want to check out as well. In this section you will most likely be able to find the savings you need to get a great deal on brand new tires for your vehicle.

Walmart Tire Rotation

A majority of Walmart stores do offer tire rotation services, and they are available for $2.50 per tire. The professional tire technicians that work at these stores will rotate your tires to a different location on the vehicle. This does not include tire mounting and balancing, which is necessary for directional tires. This is definitely one of the better deals that you will be able to find when it comes to tire rotation services.

It is very important for anyone who owns a vehicle to get their tires rotated so that they wear as evenly as possible. If you want to preserve the life of your tires and avoid getting new ones for as long as possible, you will definitely need to make a point of paying for these services every 6,000 miles or six months (whichever comes first.)

Walmart Alignment Service

A wheel alignment can help you to avoid all kinds of unpleasant and expensive repairs in the future, which is precisely why you should take the time to look into these services once in awhile. Walmart stores offer these alignment services as well, and they can be extremely beneficial for your vehicle as a whole. By getting your wheels aligned you will no longer have to deal with it pulling to one side while you drive.

Another great thing about getting wheel alignment work done every six months or so is that you will preserve the overall handling of your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to drive as smoothly as possible, it imperative that you take full advantage of alignment services at a Walmart store in your area.

Common Walmart Tire Questions

Does walmart install tires?

Yes, Walmart does install tires. You can check the prices for installation above.

Does Walmart patch tires?

Walmart Free Battery Installation Service

Walmart does indeed patch tires. If you purchased the tires from Walmart, they will patch the tire for free. If you need to patch a tire that was not purchased at Walmart then it would be $10 per tire.

Does Walmart sell tires?

Yes, Walmart sells a wide variety of tires.

Are Walmart tires good?

Walmart sells a wide variety of tires and brands. While some brands might not be as good as others, most will do the job. Always do your research before committing to any tires.

Does Walmart sell spare tires?


Yes, Walmart sells spare tires.

Does Walmart price match tires?

Walmart Free Battery Installation Near Me

Yes, Walmart will price match a competitor. Just bring in the printed ad of the tire you would like to purchase and they will price match it.

Walmart Free Battery Installation Locations

For more information regarding Walmart Tire Center, please visit their official website.