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  1. Usb Bootable Windows 7 Install Free Download 64-bit

We earlier covered an article on how to make bootable Windows 7 USB installer.This article is on another free tool from Microsoft for creating a bootable Windows 7 DVD or USB disk.

How to install Windows 7 using Bootable USB. Plug your USB device into your computer’s USB port, and start up the computer. You may be asked to press a key to boot from the USB. Choose your preferred language, timezone, currency, and keyboard settings. Firstly, download ISO files for Windows 7 directly from Microsoft. Next, download and install the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. Run the tool and click “Browse” to locate your Windows ISO file and then click “Next.”. Select your media type. As we are here to create a bootable USB, simply click on USB device button. Windows 7 bootable USB using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Step 1: Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool and install it. Step 2: Run the program, click the Browse button to browse to your Windows 7 ISO image file. Step 3: In this step, you need to select your media type. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool is the ultimate software for creating USB bootable drives on the Windows platform. To be able to use the software, your PC will need to have an installed the.NET framework which is also free and easy to install. USB/DVD Download Tool for Windows.

If you aren’t on Windows 7 yet, then you are missing out on the latest and greatest windows operating system from Microsoft. We earlier told you about the free Windows 7 upgrade offer from Microsoft.We also told you that students and the academic community worldwide can get free Windows 7 and other Microsoft products by registering their schools and colleges in MSDN AA – MSDN Academic Alliance.Even otherwise, you can still go ahead and buy Windows 7 as it is worth the money you spend.

Since Windows 7 is available as an ISO, you can buy and download it as an ISO. You can create a bootable Windows 7 DVD or USB by following the steps outlined below.You can thus backup Windows 7 ISO file, and use it for re-installation.

Download and Install Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

As a first step, download and install the “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool” from Microsoft.

  • 1. Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool installation file from here
  • 2. When you are prompted to either save the file to disk or run it, choose “Run”.
  • 3. Follow the steps in the setup dialogs. You will have the option to specify where to install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool and whether to create shortcuts on your “Start” Menu or Windows Desktop.

Note that to install Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool on your PC, you must have logged in as an administrator of the PC. Like most other Microsoft tools, Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool requires .NET Framework installed on the PC. The PC should have .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

The Tool can be installed on Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista or Windows XP. It is recommended to have Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster. You also need a DVD-R drive or 4GB removable USB flash drive to make a bootable Windows DVD or USB disk from the ISO file.

How to make bootable Windows 7 DVD or USB disk?

After installing the freeware, run the tool and click “Browse” to select the source file i.e. the Windows 7 ISO file, from which you want to create the bootable Windows 7 DVD or USB.

Next, choose the media where you want to backup the Windows 7 ISO file i.e. a DVD or a USB Device.If you are copying the Windows 7 ISO file to a USB flash drive, select your USB device in the drop-down list and click Begin copying. If you are copying it to a DVD, click Begin burning.

After completion, the tool creates a bootable Windows 7 DVD or USB Installer, thereby making it easy to install Windows 7 on any PC.

However, to install Windows 7 directly from the DVD or USB, make sure your motherboard supports booting from USB (if you use a USB device) and your computer is set to boot from USB or DVD in BIOS.


That is all! Now go ahead and make bootable Windows 7 DVD/USB.

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You can use installation media (a USB flash drive or DVD) to install a new copy of Windows, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows 10.

To create installation media, go to the software download website, where you'll find step-by-step instructions. On that website, you can select a version of Windows and create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD. To go directly to one of the versions, select one of these links:

Usb Bootable Windows 7 Install Free Download 64-bit

  • Windows 10 (Then select Download tool now.)

Usb Bootable Windows 7 Install Free Download

Important: Back up your files before you install or reinstall Windows on your PC. Adobe indesign installer free. Learn how for Windows 10 or for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

To create the installation media, here's what you'll need:

  • A PC with a reliable internet connection. The download time will vary, depending on your internet connection.

  • A USB flash drive or DVD. A blank USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of space, or a blank DVD (and DVD burner). We recommend using a blank USB or blank DVD because any content on it will be deleted. When burning a DVD from an ISO file, if you're told the disc image file is too large, you'll need to use dual layer (DL) DVD media.

  • A product key. Your 25-character product key (not required for digital licenses). For help finding it, go to Find your Windows product key.

After you've created the installation media, you can reset or reinstall Windows. To learn more, go to Recovery options in Windows 10.