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The best ads blocker for Windows. Completely block ads on fb, youtube, windows software. Wow I use it on Windows and Mac as well. Happy with this on my iOS device and Windows laptop. Come from windows platform and this one is doing great job. I've also got the 'paid for version' on my Windows PC.

Windows Update Blocker 1.6Free Download Page

Windows Update Blocker 1.6 (978KB)

Portable free utility to quickly disable or enable Automatic Updates and other services in Windows 10.


Windows Update Blocker 1.6

Note: If you experience problems downloading Windows Update Blocker 1.6, please download the file without using your download manager and check your firewall settings.


Extra Keys 2.2.3

Enables simple input of letters and symbols that may not appear on your normal keyboard.

Sweepi 5.4.00

Sweepi - Clean up your System! Delete unnecessary files quickly and efficiently.

ARPCache Viewer v1.01.02

This tool allows you to see what is in your ARPCache and lets you remove items.

CD ROM Drive Remote Disabler 2.0

Easily enable or disable CD ROM drives across your LAN.

Notify 1.0

Alerts user when watched files/directories are modified.

DIR2HTML 1.1.0

Convert a local directory to an HTML index with hyperlinks.

Root Genius 1.8.7

Free tool to simplify the process of rooting any Android device.

Wintail Color 0.6.0

Get a colored functionality of famous unix program /´/tail/´/ under windows environment.

WakeUp 2.0 Build 42.1

A tool to test the features of ACPI computers.


CDRom ejector application that runs on windows.

My Flash Drive LED 1.20

Shows flash drive and card reader activity in real time in the systray area.

Windows Access Panel 1.0

Easily and quickly access 48 key programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Temperature Taskbar

Simple CPU temperature monitor for the Windows 7 taskbar. Download and install the codec for windows movie maker free.

Win10 Settings Blocker 1.0Pick


Portable tool to prevent other users of your company or home system from changing various settings in Windows 10.

GodMode-AllTasks 1.1

Safely access /´/All tasks/´/ folder, aka GodMode or Windows Master Control Panel.

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Program Information
Demo (Free to try)
3.55 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Bash Software(more)
Install-Block – Prevent Others From Installing Applications

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When you share your computer with someone else or when you let someone use your computer, you may not want that someone to be able to install applications on your computer. Say for example when you let your child use your computer or when you have a business and you give your employees computers to use, you may not want them to be able to install anything they want on the computer. This is where Install-Block comes in: this application password protects the installation process. Whenever the user wants to install an application, he or she will be prompted to enter the correct password. Without that password, the installation process will not complete.
Speaking about installing applications, it will take very little time to install this Bash Software-developed tool on your PC. It is a standard setup process, really. Just download a 3.5Mb executable, run it, then click through the instructions presented to you by a setup wizard. When the installation process completes, you will be invited to view a tutorial that provides useful information about using Install-Block.
While Install-Block is running, you will see an icon in the system tray. Double click said icon, enter the password (the default is “admin”), and you will be able to access the application’s Settings menu. From this menu you will be able to set up the application’s behavior and you will be able to access a few handy tools, mainly File Encryption Tool, Administer Network, Generate One-Time Password. Left click the Install-Block icon in the system tray and you will be presented with a menu that features the following options: Settings, Disable, and Exit.
From a functionality point of view, Install-Block offers the following: prevents others from installing applications, blocks users from uninstalling applications, blocks access to the Start Menu, Task Manager, Control Panel, and other Windows features, disables the shut down and log off functions, blocks access to certain programs, like instant messaging or file sharing programs, disables the web browser, generates passwords, encrypts files, and more.
Please note that Install-Block has not been updated in quite some time. The application, according to the developer, is compatible with Windows Vista. During our tests, while using it on a Windows 7 PC, we ran into a few compatibility issues.
Install-Block can prove to be a handy tool for parents who want to keep their children from installing applications.
Installing the application takes little time and effort. There’s a comprehensive tutorial you can access. Use Install-Block to prevent others from installing applications, running applications, to encrypt files, and more. You will have no problems figuring out how to use Install-Block.
Compatibility issues with Windows 7, has not been updated in quite some time, some options are not available in the trial.
You can download Install-Block free here.

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Software Installation Blocker Free Download

Software Installation Blocker Free Download Windows 10

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