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If you try and say Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge 10 times really fast you are in big trouble! In all seriousness, this expansion to the awesome Red Alert 2 is a must-play for anyone who enjoyed the base game. It may sound kind of crazy, but for me, this is actually better than the default Red Alert 2!

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Red Alert 2 Game Free Download For Pc It has a very good IGN rating of 9.3. It was released in 2000, published by Electronic Arts. This time provide you a Fighting game named Red Alert 2, For these of you who simply cannot win or lose in this Red Alert 2 PC Game graciously, Red Alert 2 Game Free Download For Pc.

Yuri Is Back

As the name suggests that crazy mind-controlling SOB Yuri is back and once again, he wants to take over the world, and this time his methods are even more extreme. I feel that these days people do not realize just how epic this series was with its storytelling and for me this is the very peak of it. It is a “military” story, but Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge has psychic powers, time travel, and other sci-fi elements in here as well.

The presentation in the game at the time was very impressive. Even now, all these years later I think that this is a game that is easy on the eyes. The story unfolds very well and the cut scenes as is the case with the other games in the series are all very well done.

Two Campaigns Are Great, But Three Would Have Been Sweet!

This game is pretty stacked when it comes to single-player content. You have two campaigns to play through and they both have a ton of missions for you to get through. I really enjoyed how different the Allies and the Soviet stories were. The stories were very different, but the units and the way the game unfolds, in general, is very unique.

My only real criticism here is that I feel there should have been a third campaign where you could play as Yuri and control his forces. You can control Yuri in the multiplayer mode and it is pretty awesome, but I think being able to play the story from his point of view would have been pretty cool.

Strategy At Its Best

The gameplay has had a few changes over the standard Red Alert 2. I would say that Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge is overall a better game than the base game. You have to gather resources and manage your units. What is cool, is that you have to really keep on top of your units and there is a very decent selection of them.

While there is a lot of strategy in this game, I feel that it is more fast-paced and action packed than many other strategy games that are out there. It is the kind of game that is easy to get into, but a real challenge to master.

I had a great time going back and playing this game. While I feel it is better than Red Alert 2. I must say that you need to play that before jumping into Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge as the story continues on from the base game. Yuri is a great character the best antagonist in the series in my opinion. Without a doubt, you do not want to pass on this one!


  • The story is fantastic
  • Two campaigns to play and enjoy
  • The presentation is very slick
  • The gameplay is deep, exciting and a lot of fun
  • Yuri is an amazing villain


  • I wish that Yuri had a campaign
  • It set the bar for what followed very high

Red Alert 2 For Free

Overall rating: 8.5

Red Alert 2 is a game based on story of the Cold War between USA and Soviet Union. The Game has been developed by Westwood Pacific and released for Microsoft in October 2000. The Previous edition of Game ‘Red Alert’ is based on the first portion of Cold War and Red Alert 2 on the second portion of the war.The Game enjoyed a great deal of commercial success when it was released. For the last 16 years Red Alert 2 managed to sustain its popularity. At one point of time, Red Alert 2 received more than 86% from GameRankings.

Red Alert 2- Features

Red Alert 2 is highly popular Video game among youth, particularly among those who are interested in joining any Kind of Force. The reason of its popularity is its amazing features. Some of its most popular features are as follows

1. You will command nine countries from the front in this game.
2. You have Tank units, Aircraft, Ground as well as Marine Forces.
3. The Game has been developed on real-life equipment, so you will feel war like situation in reality.
4. You can use the map to locate your destiny.
5. You can play a role of Commando of Marine, Ground and Air Forces.
6. You will see the latest weapons being used in the game
7. Its Sound effects and Graphics will give you an impression of a real life situation.

Red Alert 2 Download Free

Some changes made in Red Alert 2

Some changes that have been made in Red Alert 2 are as follows:

Red Alert 2 Download Game


1. In Red Alert 2Con Yard will not disappear and Yuri Prime will also not get killed. Con Yard will not be deployed in this type of situation.
2. Existing vehicle will not stuck on the edge of War Factory so War Factory will not be rendered unusable.
3. Robot Tank will also not stuck on the edge of the War Factory.
4. In Red Alert you used to see vehicle would continue to be repaired by chrono’d when it was not present on Repair depot. This has been changed.
5. In Red Alert 2 Vehicle would not continue to be repaired by chrono’d unless it is on Allied Repair Depot.
6. Boris will not be interrupted when enemy Garrison or ungarrison building
7. Now Bomb will explode as soon as infantry will exit Battle Fortress. Earlier, it would explode when players used to place infantry with Crazy Ivan bomb in Battle Fortress.
8. Now vehicle will not drop over a high bridge into water
9. Now Magnetron in confusion will not pick and drop an enemy vehicle number of times
10.You can record the game you are playing

Red Alert 2 Download/ Install

Red Alert Free Download Pc

You can play Red Alert 2 if you have the game on a disk, otherwise you have to purchase it online. The procedure to download and install Red Alert 2 is as follows
1. Download WinRAR and Red Alert 2.
2. Extra Red Alert 2 Setup using WinRAR.
3. Now tap to open ‘C&C Red Alert 2’
4. Double click on RA2” to start the game.
5. Enjoy playing Red Alert 2.