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Install WinSCP a. Open the downloaded installation package to begin the installation i. Select the installation language ii. A Welcome Screen is shown at the beginning of setup procedure.

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This is a silent installer and uninstaller for Putty.
Putty is an SSH (and other secure protocol) client which allows you to open a terminal to your Unix server from Windows.

Installer (32bit package works on 32bit and 64bit systems)

Putty 0.74 Download

PuTTY 0.58+ uninstallers call 'putty -cleanup-during-uninstall' during uninstall. This causes a pop-up to appear which breaks the silent uninstall. As shown above, a fix for this is to copy simple program that always returns over putty.exe. The entire program folder is also removed so that any leftover unins000.exe files from failed uninstalls are removed.


Install adobe reader 11 free. Here's a package.xml for distributing the putty.exe without the installer.It installs to the System32 folder in %SYSTEMROOT% (often c:windowssystem32) for quick Start/Run access.


Download Putty Windows 7 64

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