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When Nintendogs was first released back in 2005, Nintendo really did strike gold. The Nintendo DS was and still is a tremendous system. Some games played to the system's strengths perfectly and this is one of those games. It is a perfect example of what a handheld game should be and even though this is the first game in the series it still holds up pretty well to this day.

  • The Nintendo's 8 bit console was Sega's biggest rival for its Master System which was a huge hit as well at the time. Specs: Processor: 6508 8-bit (using a custom Motorola 6502 class) Processor speed: 1.79 Mhz; Resolution: 256x224 (ntsc) or 256x239 (pal) Colors available: 52; Max Colors on screen: 16, 24 or 25. Max sprites: 64; Max sprites.
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The homebrew Launcher was discovered by a hacker group at the Chaos Communication in Germany. It was introduced to the public later. We are saying it is the easiest way to do your Nintendo Switch because it only needs your Mac or PC to tweak your device’s operating system. All you need is a microSD card, your laptop, and Nintendo Switch. The official Nintendo site for kids. Watch videos, find games, take quizzes, read Nintendo news and more at Play Nintendo - a fun place for kids.

Who's A Good Boy?

When you start playing the game, you are given a choice of a few different breeds of dogs to pick from. I went for the lab, but the others such as the corgi look super cute too. While the later games look better. I was surprised at how good the dogs in this game look after all these years.

Once you pick your new friend, Nintendogs really gets started. You get to name your dog and you do this with your actual voice. This sounds cool, but the original model DS that I used had a hard time picking up my voice. Once you do this, you are ready to start your life with your new friend.

Go For A Sim Walk

Over the years I have spent a ton of time with this game. One of the most interesting things about it is that there is not really an ending to the game. Ok, so you will be entering your dog in competitions. However, the game never really ends. You need to walk your dog, feed it, groom it, and so on. But you also need to take it for walks, train it in various ways and make sure it is as happy as can be.It is a very addicting game and the kind of thing that once you start playing it. You will not want to stop as you start to build up a bond with your pooch pal.

Touch And Feel

As this was a game released early in the DS’s life. Nintendogs makes full use of what the DS was all about. I already mentioned the microphone. When I played this many years ago, I had no trouble, but you certainly need to make sure you speak slowly and clearly. The game also makes use of the touch screen. This is used for petting your dog, grooming it, feeding it, and even drawing out a route for when you go on a walk. If you are the kind of person who gets annoyed when the DS pushes the touch screen and voice stuff on you, this may not be for you.

While I feel that the later games in the Nintendogs series offer far more. There is still a ton of charm and personality to this first entry in the series. The selection of dogs is fine and you have a lot of ways for you to bond with them. It is the kind of game that is perfect to play when you need something that will help you relax.


  • The game just oozes charm
  • A nice number of dogs to select from
  • Plenty of activity to do with your four-legged pal
  • The game has aged surprisingly well in the visual department
  • Makes good use of the touch screen


  • The later Nintendogs offer more
  • The voice-activated stuff can be annoying
Overall rating: 8

A 3DS emulator for PC is a program that will allow us to run any Nintendo 3DS console game on our computer. or 3DS emulator for PC is a program that will allow us to run any game of the Nintendo 3DS console on our computer. Of all the emulators that exist probably the best and most complete of them all is the Citra emulator. Citra started in 2015 with its first version in experimental format, it was a software that did not even have a frontend and you had to work on it through command line. Today it has advanced a lot with a very simple and easy interface, a virtually infinite catalog of games and even with other versions for Android, Mac, Linux… Undoubtedly, being able to play any 3DS game on a 27″ screen and with a controller is an experience that every video game fan should at least try.


  • 1 Download 3ds Emulator for PC
  • 2 Other Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC:

Download 3ds Emulator for PC


To download the Citra 3DS emulator for PC we do not need advanced computer knowledge, it is a simple process that any computer user can perform, and we will explain step by step the download process in case you still have doubts.

To begin you must download the emulator from the following link:

In case we get a warning from Windows that the contents of the download may be dangerous, we still confirm the download.

Once we have the file in our download folder, we execute the file by clicking on it, and the installation process will start. As you can see it is a very simple process.

Install 3ds Emulator for PC

To install 3DS emulator for PC, as we said previously we will start by running the file that we have downloaded from the link above.

By doing so, it will open the installation wizard which will make us even easier all this process which we proceed to detail: /air-conditioning-install-free-estimate-parker-20958/.

Nintendo Pc Games Free Download

  1. It will welcome us to the installation, and we will proceed to click on the next button.
  2. In this screen, we will select the folder where we want to install it.
  3. Then, we will accept the conditions of use of this program.
  4. Next, we will choose the desired shortcuts.
  5. Finally we will click on the Install button.
  6. We will wait for the process to finish, and we will click on finish.

Other Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC:

3DMoo for PC

3DMoo is another in this case less known emulator of the Nintendo 3DS console for the PC platform.

TronDS for PC

One of the great pros of TronDS is the lightness of the program, being one of the emulators that occupies less space and requires less features of our computer, so if we have a less powerful computer TronDS emulator can be a very good choice.

R4 3DS Emulator

Despite the complex name of R4 3DS Emulator is a simple Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC, many say that simplicity is the key to success, and this emulator is a clear example of this.