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Adobe Flash Player for 64-bit The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 64-bit Linux operating systems. July 21st, 14:52 GMT. 555,581 downloads. Jun 03, 2021 Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for PS3. Red Ribbon GNU/ Linux for PS3 is a new PPC64 GNU/ Linux distribution with support for Cell/BE. It is based on Debian, completely free and open source software. No propietary source of any kind is used in this distribution.

A customized version of Yellow Dog Linux. Aug 05, 2009 To do this all you need is a Linux installer for PS3. Linux installation software is a specially programmed programme that can load and install Linux onto your PS3 without any hiccups. All you must do is google it to find it. This linux to PS3 software comes bundled with an emulator that makes it possible to download all the extra software. It’s still available for download as Desktop and Alternate Live CD ISO images, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. As usual, a Server edition of Ubuntu 7.10 is also available for download on the dedicated section, along with a unique edition that could be deployed on a Sony PlayStation 3.

Hey PS3 Lover, In the next few minutes, I am gonna tell you what is the best PS3 emulator to play all of your PS3 games on PC. You must read all the information before leaving and try at least 3-4 different PS3 emulators and let everyone know which one do you like and why?

Before all that, let me tell you a few things about PS3.

PS3, also known as Playstation 3, is by far one of the most praised gaming consoles. Since its launch in 2006, the console offered its users an outstanding gaming experience that lived on for seven years, before the commencement of PS 4.

Whereas most gamers are today enjoying the excellent graphics experience, gaming speed, and quality, the PS3 still lives on.

Today, you can access the same experience on your Windows PC. If you are wondering how possible this can be, the answer is that you need a PS3 emulator for Windows 10. Therefore, join us as we take you through the long list of emulators.


Best PS3 Emulators For PC

After trying tens of PS3 emulators and spending hundreds of hours playing PS3 games on PC, I can assure you these are some of the top Playstation 3 emulators for any Windows OS PCs.

RPCS3 is one the best and easy to use PS3 emulators available for Windows OS computers. The user interface is impressive, and it works quite well.


RPCS3 is one the best and easy to use PS3 emulators available for Windows OS computers. The user interface is impressive, and it works quite well.

RPCS3 for your PS3 is suitable both for your Windows PC and for your Mac. The exciting bit is that the emulator can support up to 180 games playing correctly. It can also do 500 and over games, however, with glitches.

  • RPCS3 is compatible with a RAM of 4GB and above. This emulator guarantees the security of your device, mainly because of its licensing under the General Public License Version 2.
  • Any upgrade to this emulator protects your device from any viruses.
  • You can download RPCS3 using the download button below for free. When a page opens, click on Builds and then on the first link that appears on the preceding page.
  • Quickstart the download of the latest of this emulator and then click on Artifacts. The download will be in zip form, therefore, open it with WinRAR and install the PS3 emulator on your Windows 10.

With BSD, Linux, and Windows OS, you should be able to run your free RPCS3 emulator.


  • The PSeMu3 PS3 emulator has a running capability that ranges between 30fps and 720p.
  • The best part about the PSeMu3 emulator is that it is only 50MBs in size and can run perfectly on your Core 2 Duo Processor.
  • Moreover, the emulator comes with heeded local settings, as well as an exciting experience for your favorite PS3 games.
  • PSeMu3 is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10, and Vista OSs and is free to download.

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Last Updated DateJuly 30, 2020


  • SNES9x is a development of the Super Nintendo Entertainment and first was an emulator for PS3 on the Windows 7.
  • The emulator is the perfect launcher if you are a favorite of the Super Famicom Nintendo games.
  • It took three years to put together, SNES9x from the coding, recoding, debugging, and hacking using C++. The platform encapsulates CU systems, along with Linux i386 and Windows ports. When downloading SNES9x, check whether your PC is 32 or 64-bit and choose one that works for you. The emulator is free of charge.

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File Size6.17 MB
Last Updated DateJuly 30, 2020


If you have played a PC game on your smartphone, then you probably know about the PPSSPP emulator. This emulator offers a high definition gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Its latest version offers you to extraordinary download, install, and gaming speed. Besides the emulator features, PPSSPP comes with a JIT and file browser offering bug fixes and outstanding performances.
  • If you are using a touch screen PC, then brace yourself for some high definition and highly touch-sensitive gaming experience.
  • This emulator is a good option if you are an adventure games type player. You will find it suitable for your God of War collection, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Super Robot wars, besides any PS3 games.
  • Downloading PPSSPP allows you to play attentively and respond quickly, making your games more exciting. PPSSPP is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and Windows 10.
  • PPSSPP is free, but you can get a gold version of the emulator for $5.99.

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Last Updated DateJuly 30, 2020


  • If you seek some additional thrill in your PS3 gaming, ANX is the perfect emulator for that. The emulator can work on both single and dual frames on your Windows 10.
  • If you are a big fan of the God of Arena, then the ANX emulator is precisely what you need. ANX download is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and Mac OS versions.


  • ESX PS3 emulator is quite compatible with your Windows 10 PC.
  • The ESX emulator allows you to upload a maximum of 90MB.
  • For ESX to work at its best, your PC needs to have an Intel Processor CPU of 2.5GHz. The RAM of your PC needs to be about 1GB.
  • If your PC does not have a Windows 1o OS, it is still very possible to use ESX on your Windows 7,8,8.1 and so on. The upside in using an ESX emulator is that it is easy to use. You will also find it easy to download ESX and install it. On the platform, you have accessible quite several games you would play on your PC. Noteworthy, the emulator is free. However, you need to complete a survey for human verification before you can download it.
  1. You can the best PS4 Emulator For PC

Note: Do not download ESX Emulator anymore.

There is a lot you can do in your free time on your PC. One of them is playing games. If you do not have that PS3 console, all you need is a PS3 emulator, and the above are among the best. Choose the ones that work for you and enjoy your PS3 games right on your Windows 10 PC.

Topic Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any good PS3 emulator?

Yes. Multiple PS3 emulators have been developed, but they are not as perfect as the console itself. The reason is that PS3 is a challenge to emulate, given its peculiar and intricate architecture. Keep in mind that PS3 was done in 2006, which is quite a long time ago.

Is the rpcs3 emulator legal?

Downloading and using an emulator is not illegal or a crime. Besides, there has never been a court ruling about their legality. However, multiple members of the gaming community may view the use of emulators as cheating.

Yellow Dog Linux Ps3

Can I play online with a PS3 emulator?

Linux For Ps3 Installer Free Download For Pc

If you bought a game online, you could play them on your PS3 emulator. Nevertheless, you will need to reinstall their ROMs on your PC. The performance is not a high guarantee but is promising with new developments in the emulation industry.

Is PS3 a retro?

Ps3 Linux Pkg

A console becomes a retro when two generations of console succeed it. An example is that Playstation became a retro when PS3 came out. That means PS3 is not retro yet, but it will be retro when PS5 comes out in the third quarter of 2020.