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How To Jailbreak Roku Streaming Stick? From what I understand, everyone who is looking to jailbreak roku, is actually trying to stream movies & TV shows on Roku for free. Getting KODI on Roku is the simplest way of doing this. Roku is one of the best streaming stick available for Smart TVs as of now. Also, Roku already offers many free channels to stream movies & TV shows from. But if you guys are still looking for a method to jailbreak Roku, then we are here for you.

  • Similar to other devices, Roku manufacturers want to stop streaming of third-party content as well as protect the device from malfunctioning; hence, they have made Roku jailbreak proof. Due to this, there is a lot of content that you cannot watch on Roku for free of cost like the latest movies, soap operas, and more.
  • From what I understand, everyone who is looking to jailbreak roku, is actually trying to stream movies & TV shows on Roku for free. Getting KODI on Roku is the simplest way of doing this. Roku is one of the best streaming stick available for Smart TVs as of now. Also, Roku already offers many free channels to stream movies & TV shows from.
  • You can absolutely Jailbreak Roku, but the process is different compared to jailbreaking a device such as the iphone. Roku TV hacks depend on how loosely you define the term jailbreaking; some claim screen mirroring Kodi on a device from a computer is the same as “jailbreaking Roku”.

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Technically, Roku can not be jailbroken. But without jailbreak, KODI can be installed on Roku. KODI is one of the best system software for streaming videos & music on any device. KODI is highly flexible and can be used on almost every device, whether it be TV, smartphone or PC. But, for some reason, KODI can not be directly used on KODI. This is because, from all the operating systems that KODI works on, Roku doesn’t fall in any of them. But we still have got an escape for you guys.

Note: Updated on April 12th, 2020

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How to jailbreak Roku. There are four main methods to jailbreak Roku, Screen mirroring. The Roku mobile app. Use a local network or USB. In this guide, we are going to describe each workaround to jailbreak Roku in detail with the step-by-step method.

How To Stream KODI On Roku?

While Kodi is not officially supported by Roku and there is no official Kodi app for Roku, there are still ways we can indirectly stream KODI content on Roku. The most popular method is to Mirror Kodi onto your Roku via an Android or other device. We will need a Windows PC or and android device in order to make this happen. This process will require the use of cast feature. But currently, the cast features is available for use only in Roku 3. So whatever we will cover in this article, will be applicable only for the Roku 3 streaming stick.

What Is KODI?

KODI is a free open source media player available on multiple platforms that allows you to access multiple different kinds of content like TV shows, videos, music and more for free. Because it’s open source, anyone can 3rd party plugins which has both greatly enhanced the platform, as well as created certain security risks.

While KODI is a very simple application which makes the streaming of videos & music possible on various devices, KODI is next to useless without proper add-ons. Yes, many developer add-ons are available using which movies & TV shows can be streamed on KODI. Exodus is one of the best known add-on for KODI. Many people use Exodus as it’s the best add-on to stream videos on KODI.

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KODI, which debuted in 2002 is now viewed by many to be the best media platform for streaming content. Be it a smartphone (android or iPhone), a PC, a mac or Smart TV, KODI has made itself available for all kind of users which is phenomenal. We have quite a few guides on KODI on our blog which we would recommend everyone.

Trick To Use KODI & Jailbreak Roku

Users can apply this simple trick to jailbreak roku and use it on KODI. KODI can be easily installed and used on an android device. So we can simply use an HDMI cable and stream the android device on Roku. This way we can use KODI on Roku. This is a very easy setup which can be done by anyone. Also, it does not involve any technical knowledge.

Eccentric Features Of Roku Streaming Stick

1. Roku TV streaming stick is popular only among the people who own 4K Smart TVs. Roku is specially built for these HD Smart TVs.

2. There are shortcut buttons for popular TV channels like Hulu & Netflix.

3. Can be connected to the WiFi networks to stream videos in HD quality.

4. Becomes a killer combination when used with KODI & Exodus. Entertainment guaranteed.

Can Roku Be Used Without Installing KODI?

Of course. In fact using Roku without KODI is the safest way to enjoy latest movie & TV shows. Agreed, some of the channels and movies will be missed, but you can enjoy the rest available for completely free without worrying about illegal stuff. Many people ask this question, is KODI illegal? No! KODI is simply a software which helps streaming videos. KODI is also available on the Google play store. But the add ons like Exodus definitely make the use of KODI illegal.

We have already written an article on the guide to stream KODI on Roku. So you guys can refer that guide as well. But we hope you guys learned a thing or two about how to jailbreak Roku here. We have many other interesting articles lined up on Apps Jail. So make sure you check them out before leaving.

Enable screen mirroring with your mobile device

By mirroring your device, you will be able to reproduce the screen of your mobile device onto your TV screen allowing you see share and view the content from your phone.

Here is what you need to do to enable screen mirroring from your Roku device.

Roku OS 7.7 – This feature is automatically enabled and there is no action required on your end.

Roku OS 7.6 – Start off by pressing the “Home” button on your Roku remote. Navigate to settings then select system, then screen mirroring and then select “Enable screen mirroring”.

We hope this updated guide helps bring you closer to enjoying free content. Please leave us a note in the comment below!

Firstly, we would like to say that it is not so easy to Jailbreak Roku. But there is some workaround available to watch Kodi on Roku TV. We are going to discuss those here.

Roku is a digital media player that is used to stream content directly to your TV and thus transforming your TV into a smart device. It is one of the most popular streaming devices these days, which has the best variety that any digital media player can offer. It is extremely user-friendly and affordable like Fire TV Stick or a Chromecast. All you need to have is a Roku streaming stick and a TV with a stable internet connection.

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Jailbreak Installer Free Roku Download

Kodi an open-source operating software for streaming videos free of cost. It is available on almost all platforms. It is also quite compatible with almost all OS like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and much more. Kodi also supports third-party add-ons, which means that users may use them for watching movies as well as tv shows for free. Now, users are finding ways to use Kodi or Roku for obvious reasons.

Now, technically speaking, there is no legitimate way to use Kodi on Roku. Kodi is an Operating Software that has a C++ language backup that Roku is not yet compatible with. So you cannot directly link Kodi to Roku. But there are other ways with which you can use Kodi like an application on Roku, which is referred to as jailbreaking.

Jailbreak A Roku Ultra

Jailbreaking was actually common with IOS devices which is a process of modifying the device’s operating system to gain additional access privileges. By default, the operating system puts some restrictions on the users due to security reasons.

But Jailbreaking or rooting will help us to remove this restriction and thus we have more control over the devices. However, the Roku system is strong and secure so that it is not easy to get tampered with. But there is some workaround so that we can overcome this restriction and can achieve some alternative workaround for the Jailbreak.

Jailbreak Roku TV (Workaround)

There are four main jailbreak alternatives for Roku, and they are as follows:

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is a process with which you can replicate your entire phone’s or even PC’s Screen to your Roku TV. You can use an Android device or a Windows PC/Laptop in order to mirror the screen with Roku boxes. With this, whatever you stream on your device will automatically be played on your TV screen as well.

Roku Jailbreak 2020

Roku jailbreak 2020

You will be able to see your device’s Screen this way. However, a drawback is the time limitation. There is a set duration of Screen mirroring mode, and if you close it to use your phone, the Screen will stop playing.

Steps to mirror Kodi screen on Roku

How To Jailbreak A Roku Express

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Systems menu and then select Screen Mirroring mode
  • Click on always allow to let the Roku screen have access to your Kodi device

Steps to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku TV

  • Go to Display on your device’s settings
  • Now go to Wireless Display Section.
  • A list of devices will appear beneath the Display tab
  • Tap the Roku device that you want to connect with, and you may customize the name if you wish.

Cast Kodi on Roku from your Windows PC

Windows PC is the most common OS, and it also happens to have just the right tools needed to screen mirror Kodi to your Roku.

  • Install Kodi on your Windows PC from their official site to get a virus-free copy
  • Once it is downloaded and installed, launch it to make sure that it is working properly
  • Open the control center on your Windows PC
  • Look at the icons and select Project one
  • Choose the option PC Screen Only from the list
  • Choose your Roku device on the next Screen
  • Click start to begin mirroring your Screen
  • Now all you need to do is launch Kodi and start streaming content on your Roku TV!

Watching Kodi on Roku is neither safe nor compatible. Kodi addon base is large and a few of them are not safe too. So security and safety is also an important thing. There are ways to achieve it, yes, but certain important steps need to be kept in mind before undertaking such risks. The main one is using a secure VPN connection before going ahead with the screen mirroring procedure. Here is how you can safely watch Kodi on Roku:

  • Download Ivacy VPN and generate username and password
  • Download and install the Ivacy Addon for Kodi
  • Connect to USA server
  • Sit back and relax and let the VPN sort it out for you

As mentioned above, you can’t directly jailbreak a Roku and install Kodi software to it. However, those workarounds can help you to gain access to the same content that you wish to stream. Screen mirroring is a powerful tool that can help you to cast Kodi content on your Roku TV. With the easy steps above, you can enjoy the best of both in no time!

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