Installing Free Pascal On Linux

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Free Pascal on Raspberry Pi (shown is the text-mode IDE).
Installing free pascal on linux download

At the end of installation, the installation program will generate a configuration file (fpc.cfg) for the Free Pascal compiler which reflects the settings that you chose. It will install this file in the /etc directory or in your home directory (with name.fpc.cfg ) if you do not have write permission in the /etc directory. This book is a reference for the Pascal language as implemented by the Free Pascal compiler. It describes all Pascal constructs supported by Free Pascal, and lists all supported data types. The aim is to list which Pascal constructs are supported, and to show where the Free Pascal implementation differs from the Turbo Pascal or Delphi. The Free Pascal compiler a text editor or IDE (integrated development environment) for editing your code Installing Free Pascal. If you are in the lab here at the MFF, you don't need to do anything: Free Pascal is already installed on all UNIX and Windows machines. To install Free Pascal on your own computer: on Linux.

Free Pascal 3.0.4 is currently available for the following platforms: - Linux-i386 - Linux-x8664 (amd64) - Linux-powerpc - Linux-sparc - Linux-ARM - Win32-i386 (2000/XP, WinNT or later) - Win64-x8664 (XP or later) - Wince-ARM (cross compiled from win32-i386) - FreeBSD-i386 - FreeBSD-x8664 - Mac OS X/Darwin for PowerPC (32 and 64 bit) - Mac. Also on step 5, when you install a later version of Lazarus, you will probably first need to install a later version of Free Pascal. Free Pascal installation involves two steps - installing the Free Pascal compiler and - installing the Free Pascal 'sources' - fpsource. The link you give has only 2 files - Lazarus and the Free Pascal compiler.

Free Pascal is a professional but free 32 bit / 64 bit compiler for Pascal and ObjectPascal. The Raspberry Pi system is supported with Raspbian OS.

Simple installation

In the Raspbian distribution Free Pascal is easily installed with the following shell commands:

You might also want to install Lazarus, a graphical IDE.

There are three modes to use Free Pascal on Raspbian:

  • via the shell command fpc. This requires to enter a number of options along with the fpc command.
  • via the shell command fp. This command starts a text-based IDE (see screenshot).
  • via Lazarus, a very comfortable IDE

See also

External links

  • Tutorial in the Lazarus wiki (i/o code examples also apply to pure Free Pascal)
  • maketecheasier: Writing Pascal Programs on a Raspberry Pi Using FPC
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Installing Free Pascal On Linux Operating System


07/10/2010 - After some rereading and some observations made in the mailing list, I have made some corrections, with notes, and added some notes to help those new to FreePascal (like myself) and those new to some of the Linux tools.

After some struggles to install Lazarus and FreePascal from source I created some scripts to set them up properly and they are working well. I think I am 90% there, enough to get me focused on programming than installing.

It is all based on Frank Church's number 1 principle of programming: 'Never use a constant or a literal where a variable will do!'.

The FreePascal version is not as clean and tidy as it should be, and contains a few bugs.

Installing linux on mac

A point I am concerned with is how the newly installed compiler is used to recompile itself, I am not sure if that is the cleanest approach.

Any tips for improvement are welcome, with fpc optimizations and with bash.

It is setup on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and should work on even older distrubtions if any dependent libraries are updated.
Conversion to Win32 shouldn't be that hard.

Free Pascal Download

The Show more code link is used to expand the source.

FreePascal installation script.

Installing Free Pascal On Linux Windows 10

You will find the odd literal or constant in the code, but it is only to help those new to Lazarus on *nix with their bearings.

Installing Free Pascal On Linux Operating System

As a side note I prefer to create programming tools in a user account. I'd rather symlink from the system files to the build in a user account, rather than mess with the system originals.
It is a hassle more often than not.

Bash script for compiling Lazarus from source

A nice touch would be to add a link to ${LAZARUS_RUN} to the destkop menu

PS. I learnt something new about bash today, the use of HEREDOC style multiline comments

Installing Linux On Mac

It will be useful for cleanly commenting out the successful parts of the build, rather than the messy single line comments.