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Alarms & Clock App on Windows 10 Desktop. Windows 10 has its own built-in clock app named ‘Alarms & Clock‘ that provides features like an alarm, clock, timer and a stopwatch. In order to launch the app, open up your Windows Start Menu and type in ‘alarms‘.You should then be able to open up the ‘Alarms & Clock. Download World Clock Free. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2021. Wim’s World Clock 3.0. Wim’s World Clock is a simple software that allows users to check time for. TimeLeft is a widely recommended free digital world clock software in which you can.

Whether you’re at work or at home, taking note of the time is a normal thing to do. Sometimes you look at the time to see when your shift ends, or maybe you look at the time so you don’t miss your television program, or even looking at the time so you don’t miss an event be it in reality or in-game.


While a clock is built-in when you purchase a PC or laptop, sometimes, you need a few extra features that come along with other software. Digital clock software packages or the other software in this list may be just what you need.

Free Alarm Clock 4.0.1

The Aero Clock

Free Countdown Timer

Time Clock MTS

Weather Clock

Time to Go!

Find yourself enjoying your game or movie a little too much? Or maybe you’re paying too much attention to a work problem and realize you’re late for a meeting? With the help of desktop clock software, you can fix these problems as easy as one, two, three with minimal effort. Just make sure you set everything up before you get ahead of yourself.

  • Set Your Alarm
    Most clock software come with an alarm feature, making sure you don’t miss out on what you have scheduled. A dedicated alarm clock software may be of some help as well if it really is a problem.
  • Time Your Work
    There are times when you’ll need to know exactly how long it takes you to work on a particular problem. At times like these, a desktop clock can help you time yourself with a timer feature that can save you the hassle of fiddling around with a stopwatch.
  • Time Check. Anywhere.
    When you have clients or friends in different areas of the globe, you’ll find yourself looking up time zones more often than you’d like. With a desktop clock, you can set multiple clocks for different time zones for your own convenience.

DS Clock

World Clock



Free Windows Countdown Clock

Talking Desktop Clock

Chameleon Clock

Free Timer – Most Popular Software

Tick-Tock, Times-a-Tickin’

Busy hands keep the mind from wandering but when your hands are too busy, you may find yourself late for things such as a dinner date with your wife or missing your basketball game on the television. Keep your schedule safe by downloading a desktop clock and don’t worry about spending too much time in front of your computer.

  • Schedule Awareness
    With some desktop clocks, you can set it to notify you for certain events when the time you set comes. You can set some clocks up to even give you the details in case you forget who or what the event is.
  • Date–Not Only Time
    Most desktop clocks come with a built-in calendar as well, giving you an all-in-one feel as you look at the time and the date of the schedule you set. Make sure you don’t miss the important things like your anniversary or promotion interview.
  • Travel with Your Time
    Most clocks will have the need to be adjusted when you travel to other countries but not a desktop clock software. Like a digital world clock, you can set multiple clocks with different time zones so you don’t have to worry about reading the wrong time.

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A world clock software is a very valuable tool for all those people who travel or for those who communicate or transact with people from different countries. It helps people to know the exact time and date for various countries. There are hundreds of world clock software available on the internet but only a few works best. This article reviews a handful of the best software you can use to check for different countries.


The articles also have a guide to help you choose the best World Clock Software for your PC.

1. Wim’s World Clock 3.0

Wim’s World Clock is a simple software that allows users to check time for different time zones across the world.

Some Additional Features

  • The software is small in size (consumes just 7MB of your storage space)
  • Unlimited number of time zone
  • Chooses locations from the world map

Windows World Time Widget

2. Free world Clock

The free world is a simple Windows PC software that enables users to know the time of multiple time zones across the world.

Some Additional Features

  • Inbuilt countdown clock
  • It has an alarm clock
  • Uses skins for Winamp to show texts and digits

3. World time Zones Clocks


World Time Zones Clock is a free Windows software that allows users to set up to 9 different clocks in a single window.

Some Additional Features

  • It is easy to set up
  • Each clock is running separately
  • Intuitive user interface

Install World Clock On Desktop Free Download

4. NTP Time Zone Clock

NTP Time Zone Clock is a free desktop application that helps the users to determine the time of different time zones.

Some Additional Features

  • The Software is small in size (occupies just 4.5mb of storage space)
  • It has a customizable user interface
  • Users can change the names of locations to their preferred

5. Qlock

6. Anuko World Clock

Free World Time Clock Download

7. World Clock Software

How to choose the best World Clock software?

Choosing the best World clock software requires you to consider a number of factors. These factors include you need for the software; For example, if you are looking for a software to use in business you need and simple and straightforward software that won’t cost you much time setting up or navigating through. The user interface is another factor that shouldn’t be left behind while choosing the best world clock software for Windows7, Vista, Windows10 or Windows XP, a software with a simple user interface will ensure that no time is lost trying to check the time of a different time zone. The last factor to be considered is the features of the software if you just need a software that will help you determine the time of different locations of the world you just need a simple world clock software with fewer features.

How to install the best World Clock Software?

Installing the best world clock software on either, Windows7, Windows10 or Windows Vista is quite a straightforward task. It requires no particular skill set, just the ability to use a computer and the internet and that is all. All you need is have the software downloaded on your PC and click run; the installation process will be initialized, from there just follow simple prompts guide, and eventually, you’ll have the software installed and ready to use.

Free Download World Time Clock For Desktop

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