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Creating a visually attractive presentation to help you pitch your idea, team, or business to potential business partners, investors, or clients is crucial if you want to ensure a successful outcome.

But, creating a presentation and making it look good can be time-consuming, especially if you lack the design skills. In those situations, a high-quality Powerpoint template can save the day.

There is no shortage of free and premium Powerpoint templates available on the web. Autel update software download ds708. However, not all of them were created equal, which means finding a quality template with an attractive design can be tricky.

To download Free and Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates and Designs, I personally use wowTemplates which offers wide range of pre-built designs and templates. However, other websites like SlidesGeek and SlideModel are also appreciable. PowerPoint is a software that offers many opportunities for creativity. If you want to build visually appealing and engaging presentations, sometimes it all lies in finding the right template to work with.In today’s article, same as every year, we have selected for you a collection of the best free PowerPoint templates to download in 2021, all fully customizable.

That’s why in this post, we’ve rounded up the best free Powerpoint templates that will help you create a stunning presentation.

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1. Air Minimal Powerpoint Template (Free)

The Air template has a clean and minimal design and you can download it for free. The template comes with 60+ unique slides and was designed in 16:9 format. The template is easy to edit.

Fashion & Stylist Powerpoint Template (Envato Elements)

If you need to make a fashion presentation, look no further than this Fashion and Stylist PowerPoint template. You can get it when you sign up for Envato Elements and the template comes with more than 50 unique slides.

2. Simple & Minimal PowerPoint Template (Free)

This simple PowerPoint template features bold typography which is bound to make your presentation content stand out. You can download it for free and the template was designed in 16:9 format.

Gravidient Powerpoint Template (Envato Elements)

The Gravidient PowerPoint template is a modern template that comes with all the necessary slides to create any type of presentation. You can get it when you sign up for Envato Elements.

3. Rave Powerpoint Templates (Free)

This PowerPoint template has a trendy and bold design. You can use it for any type of presentation and easily customize it to fit your branding.

4. Kula Powerpoint Template (Free)

The Kula template comes with 90 unique slides and over 40 colors that serve as a great starting point for your presentation design. However, you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

Kaspa Powerpoint Presentation Template (Envato Elements)

Kaspa is a stylish PowerPoint template that comes with your Envato Elements subscription. It uses grid-based layouts and elegant typography which makes this template a great choice for fashion or beauty presentations.

5. Pattern Powerpoint Template (Free)

The Pattern PowerPoint template is a great choice if you’re looking for a minimal yet attractive PowerPoint template. You will find all the slides needed to create the contents of your presentation.

6. Brainstorming Powerpoint Presentation (Free)

The Brainstorming PowerPoint presentation has a colorful design. You can use it for any type of business presentation and easily customize it thanks to image placeholders and master slides.

X Note Powerpoint Template (Envato Elements)

The X Note is a powerful and multipurpose PowerPoint template. You can use it for business presentations and you will get 40+ slides as well as 4 premade themes that are easy to customize.

7. Look – Elegant Powerpoint Template (Free)

The Look PowerPoint template has an elegant design that’s perfect for any type of fashion or beauty presentation. The template was designed in 16:9 format and comes with more than 55 slides.

8. Glide PowerPoint Template (Free)

The Glide template comes with 80 unique slides which include everything you need for a presentation. From cover slides to graphs and charts, you will have no problems presenting your ideas.

Install Free Powerpoint Templates Free

Skyfy PowerPoint Template (Envato Elements)

Skyfy is a trendy PowerPoint template that can be used for any type of presentation. It has a modern and clean design and comes with 100 unique slides and beautiful slide animations and transitions.

9. Duotone Powerpoint Template (Free)

Make your presentation stand out by adding an attention-grabbing duotone effect. The template is easy to edit and you can easily customize the effect to match your brand.

10. Nordic Powerpoint Presentation Template (Free)

The Nordic template has a minimalistic design with beautiful typography. You can use it for any type of business or creative presentation.

BeMind Minimal Business Powerpoint Template (Envato Elements)

The BeMind template features a clean and minimal design that’s perfect for business presentations. You can get it as part of your Envato Elements subscription and the template includes over 100 slides, vector shapes, and master slides.

11. Power (Free)

The first template on our list, Power, has a clean and modern design and is a great choice if you’re creating a presentation to showcase your business to potential investors or business partners. This template includes over 120 unique slide designs as well as elements such as pie charts, team member placeholders, vector icons, and more.

12. Business (Free)

If you’re looking for a template that follows the latest design trends, don’t miss the Business template. It features a minimal design with material color scheme and includes more than 50 unique slides. The template fits 16:9 format and comes with resizable vector icons, charts, maps, and dark and light versions.

13. Golden Template (Free)

The Golden template is a versatile template that can be used for all types of presentations not just business ones. /free-torch-browser-offline-installer/. It comes in three color schemes and features an elegant design. You’ll also find a free icon pack and 3 free fonts included.

14. Resume (Free)

Consider the Resume template if you’re trying to make a professional presentation as a part of your job hunt. Not only is this a creative way to stand out among the applicants but it also allows you to use images to illustrate your accomplishments.

This template includes a mix of text-based and image based slides, 2 color schemes, and a free icon pack.

15. Warwick (Free)

Try the Warwick template for presentations that need a more serious or professional tone. This template makes great use of green and blue tones which are perfect if you need to relay information about financial or security matters.

You’ll find 25 different slides, premade styles for graphs, charts, and tables as well as a customizable icon family with 80 different icons and a world map.

16. Computer Business (Free)

The Computer Business template comes with 36 slides, which includes covers, tables of contents, timelines, diagrams, charts, tables, image slides, maps, and icon sets. The template also includes a premade color scheme which is easily editable.

This template can be used to make a presentation for your company as well as if you’re trying to make a pitch to potential clients or investors.


17. Revolution (Free)

Install Free Powerpoint Templates

The Revolution template includes more than a 100 clean and professional slides and was designed in 1920×1080 resolution. It features a modern green and blue color scheme and comes with 500 resizable icons. You’ll find text slides, image slides and a combination of the two as well as a variety of charts, tables, graphs, infographics elements, and more.

18. Bronx (Free)

With its trendy and somewhat feminine design, the Bronx template is sure to grab the attention of anyone looking at your presentation. This template includes 35 slides designed in 16:9 format and tons of elements such as resizable icons, free fonts, flowcharts, and text and image slides.

19. Katharine (Free)

The Katharine template is a great choice for anyone looking to make a presentation of their past projects. With a heavy focus on images, Katharine is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, and creatives alike. The template includes 17 different slides, predesigned styles for graphs, charts, and tables, and 80 customizable icons as well as a world map.

20. Vicentio (Free)

This duotone template is perfect for modern presentations. Designed with lawyers and attorneys in mind, you’ll definitely be able to make your case with this template. You’ll find 25 different slides that are easily editable and designed to fit 16:9 format.

21. Food (Free)

The Food template, like the name suggests, is perfect for anyone in the food industry. The template uses plenty of white space paired with a nice shade of yellow to make your food images the centre of attention.

This template comes with 32 beautiful and trendy slides in 16:9 format, includes 20 stock pictures, and 2 additional color schemes to choose from.

22. iSlide (Free)

If you’re looking for a simple and minimal template look no further than iSlide. This template has plenty of white space and subtle pops of color that make it easy to focus on the contents of your presentation. You’ll find more than 20 unique slides, drag and drop placeholders, and resizable icons and shapes.

Use Powerpoint Templates to Save Time and Deliver Stunning Presentations

As you can see from the examples above, there are Powerpoint templates available for any type of presentation. Use our roundup as a starting point and find the perfect Powerpoint template that will help you create and deliver an awesome presentation.

How to Import & Install a Powerpoint Template

When it comes to making great presentations, a PowerPoint template will help you save time and ensure your presentation has a professional design. With hundreds of PowerPoint templates available online, you’re bound to find one that matches the topic of your presentation and your style. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to import and install a PowerPoint template.

  • Download and unzip the PowerPoint template you want to use
  • Launch PowerPoint and go to Open
  • Navigate to the downloaded PowerPoint folder
  • Open the PPTX file and customize it to your liking.

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