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NOTE:- I found that Libre Office version is extremely buggy, it has major dependency problems attempting to install on Linux Mint (Tina 19.2). I wasn’t able to resolve these problems so had to revert the install (remove and return to previous version 6.3.1 which works fine. The older version of Office 365 was a close cousin of Office 2013 & that does run well. under a Linux Operating System, again. The principle issue with Office 365, is that in order to get the Installer, - you will need an Microsoft Account -and for some Linux Users - that could be an issue. Linux Mint Release Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia 64-bit Kernel Linux 4.10.0-38-generic x8664 MATE 1.18.1 Hardware Memory: 3.8 GiB Processor: Intel(R) Core i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz x 4 System Status Available disk space: 299.8 GiB.

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My favorite computing platform is Linux Mint 64-bit Xfce. I am currently on version 19. However, there are times when I need to run Windows applications, especially for collaborative projects. Although LibreOffice ought to suffice, some colleagues insist on using MS Office applications. Because of this situation, I was pleased to discover that MS Office applications can be run within a linux environment using MS Office online.
Details on signing up for MS Office online may be found on various sites, including the following:

In this video, we look at how to install WPS Office 2019 on Linux Mint 19.3. Enjoy!For commands, links and more, look here: .. ux-4137049
It is even possible to launch the applications from the Xfce Whisker menu, as shown in the screenshot below. The deb package can be downloaded from SourceForge: .. stdownload
When I was still using Windows some years back, I was always applying 'MikTex' to work on my LaTeX documents. After moving to Linux, I found that it is actually a bit more complex then running LaTex under Windows, which surprised me a lot.
However, with new distributions like Mint 16,17 or Ubuntu 13,14, installing a running LaTeX system is actually a snap. Here is how I got LaTeX running on Mint 16 and 17:
Install free office linux mint 19 free1.) First of all you need to open your package manager:
Menu --> Package Manager
2a.) Install TexLive Packages. Depending on your needs there are packages that include a lot of LaTex packages or some that only include the most important ones.
For me the following Linux (TexLive) packages were sufficient to get most of my LaTeX documents complied:
Install free office linux mint 1998texlive
Of courese you can try leaving out 'texlive-latex-extra', for example, if you never use the LaTeX packages included in the 'texlive-latex-extra' Linux package.
2b.) I also installed 'texlive-lang-german' since I speak German. Of course if you speak another native language, then please select the language pack you need.
3.) Then of course you need a good LaTeX editor. I found 'Kile' to work great under Linux Mint.
So please also install the Linux package 'Kile' with your package manager. Alternatively, you can try out
this newer editor: 'Texmaker'. Since Kile hasn't been further developed since 2012 it might be better. But I don't have
any experience with Texmaker. On the other hand, Kile I know works flawlessly with Mint.
4.) If you want that Kile checks your spelling while you type, please also add the corresponding aspell packages to your installation.
In my case this is 'aspell-de', so Kile will support German language checking.
Congratulations! You can now use LaTeX using Linux Mint. Just open the LaTeX editor 'Kile' and start texing. For example, click on the 'PDFLaTeX' icon at the top to output pdf documents.
Some further advice:
- You can activate “Automatic Spell Checking” in Kile by selecting:
Tools → Spelling → Automatic Spell Checking
-You can also install single missing LaTex Packages or even Classes like this (Texlive always includes many packages):
a.) Go to CTAN's webpage
b.) download the missing package or class you need (usually you find *.tar.gz archives for each package)
c.) Unzip the package into a directory you want (I would recommend the directory “/home/user/texmf/tex/latex/foo” but please replace 'user' with your username and 'foo' with the package name)
d.) open a terminal in the same folder
e.) type $ latex foo.ins
(here “foo” stands for the name of your package, a *.ins file should have been in the archive you downloaded from CTAN)
f.) This will generate a file called “foo.sty” (sometimes the foo.sty file is already in the archive you download from CTAN)
d.) now please open the terminal again or use the same terminal and type:

Linux Mint Free Download

Linux Mint Office Software

$ texhash ~texmf
e.) You can now use the package in Kile using the usepackage{foo} entry at the beginning of your LaTeX document.
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