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File Size: Runs on: Windows. All Free Sound Recorder v.9.8.2. All Free Sound Recorder helps you directly record audio into MP3, WMA or WAV format. You can preview your audio recording device. It provides configuration presets with frequently used parameter setting. File Name:AllFreeSoundRecorder.exe.


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Virtual audio devices represent the filter graphs that render and capture audio content. The system audio driver (SysAudio) uses the available hardware and software components to determine the filter graphs to build.

For more information about the system audio driver, see SysAudio System Driver.

SysAudio's clients include DirectSound and the WDMAud system driver, which serves as the interface between WDM audio drivers and the audio-specific Microsoft Windows Multimedia APIs waveIn, waveOut, midiIn, midiOut, mixer, and aux (described in Microsoft Windows SDK documentation).

The KsStudio utility in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) is an example of an application that bypasses SysAudio and allows users to construct filter graphs manually.

Following PnP device enumeration, SysAudio takes stock of the registered audio hardware and software components in order to determine how to construct the various audio filter graphs that its clients might require.

After determining the list of filter graphs that it can build from the available hardware and software components, SysAudio registers these graphs as virtual audio devices for playback, recording, MIDI input/output, and mixing. SysAudio reserves the registry category KSCATEGORY_AUDIO_DEVICE exclusively for its virtual audio devices. Adapter drivers should not register themselves in this category.

A SysAudio client can treat a filter factory for a virtual audio device similarly to a filter factory for a hardware or software component. When asked by a client to instantiate a particular pin on a virtual device, SysAudio constructs the graph automatically and manages the graph's internal pin connections transparently to the client. This allows the client to treat a filter graph as a single filter, thereby avoiding complexities of graph management such as inter-filter communication.

July 06, 2020 by Logan Cawthorn

Here are some easy-to-use methods that you can use to solve the problem of installing an audio output device on my computer. The sound from your Windows system only works with the audio device and the corresponding sound drivers. Sometimes users encounter the error “Sound output device is not installed” and see a red X on the sound icon in the notification area. This error usually occurs when the audio drivers are damaged or outdated.

Install Audio Output Device Windows 8 Free Download

If a red cross appears on the sound icon in the system tray in Windows 10, it means that the sound card is not installed or there is a problem with the sound of the system. You can also confirm the problem by hovering over the sound symbol in the taskbar. If you see the error message “Sound output device is not installed”, it means that the problem is related to the equipment of your sound card or device driver.

Install The Microsoft Hotfix From Windows Update

If you are using Windows 10 version 1809 and Windows Update is disabled, you should be aware that an error has occurred in this particular version of Windows. Microsoft has released a patch that can be installed using Windows Update. However, if you do not want to use Windows Update, you can download and install a specific update using the following link:

How do I fix No audio output device Windows 10?

You can choose one of the following 3 options to resolve the “Sound output device not installed” error. Update your audio device drivers automatically. Uninstall the device driver manually and reinstall the drivers manually. Reactivate the device.

Install Audio Device Windows 8

Install Audio Output Device Windows 8 Free

This update is specifically designed to resolve issues with Intel sound card drivers. Please note that this update only applies to the 64-bit version of Windows 10, as this issue did not affect 32-bit operating system.

Update Device Drivers Using Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a great program with which you can automatically recognize, download and install all system drivers. Follow these steps to update drivers:

How do I install an audio device in Windows 10?

In the Settings app, select System, then Sound. In the right part of the window, in the 'Select an input device' section, click or tap the selected recording device. The Settings app should show you a list of all input devices available on your system. Just select the one you want from the list.

You might want to back up your installed device drivers before installing new ones. Also update your system by removing old drivers.

Reinstall The Audio Device

One of the reasons your system does not display an error with a sound output device is because of damaged device drivers. This can happen if the system tries to update the installed driver, but does not complete the process. Let's try reinstalling the audio device driver, and then restarting the Windows service responsible for the sound.

Install Audio Output Device Windows 8 Free Downloads

Here, in the figure, the device that we have uses the Realtek sound card. Yours may be a little different.
If the pilot was not there at all, this should solve the problem, if the problem persists, the problem is related to incompatibility or conflict This.

Although the most common cause of this problem is driver failure, it is also possible that your sound card is malfunctioning. In this case, your only bet is to replace or repair the technician. Whatever method works for you, let us know in the comments. If you feel lost in one step, let us know in the comments. We will do our best to help you and learn from your feedback.

no audio output device is installed lenovo

Install audio device windows 8


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