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3. Risk assessment template and examples


You can use a risk assessment template to help you keep a simple record of: Hot tub free installation.

  • who might be harmed and how
  • what you're already doing to control the risks
  • what further action you need to take to control the risks
  • who needs to carry out the action
  • when the action is needed by

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Example risk assessments

These typical examples show how other businesses have managed risks. You can use them as a guide to think about:

  • some of the hazards in your business
  • the steps you need to take to manage the risks

Do not just copy an example and put your company name to it as that would not satisfy the law and would not protect your employees. You must think about the specific hazards and controls your business needs.

A restaurant establishment can be a place of delight; however, it is important that clients and employees are aware of their own health and well-being. This is why restaurants have their schedules on when they will be conducting assessments and evaluations. Not only must a restaurant assess their employees but also the risks that are evident in their premises and location such as the kitchen and at the tables of their clients.


General Risk Assessment Form Sample

Kitchen Risk Assessment Form in DOC

What is a Restaurant Risk Assessment Form?

Restaurant risk assessment forms are documents that allow a restaurant management to determine the risks and hazards present in their premises. There are varieties of this form category that the management must use in order to cater and target different concerns. However, regardless of the variety, restaurant risk assessment forms are often required and collected by the authorities in a state to distinguish who among the restaurant businesses have followed the rules and regulations focusing on the safety of employees and clients.

Restaurant Food Allergen Risk Assessment Form

Benefits of Using a Restaurant Risk Assessment Form

Just like the other restaurant business forms, a restaurant risk assessment form provides several benefits to the manager, employees, and the owner of a restaurant. The most common benefit is that it allows the people in the establishment to recognize dangers and conduct control measures to avoid triggering any incident. This form also serves as a training instrument for the employees by mandating standards and regulations for ensuring safety. Lastly, the assessment form helps in minimizing the costs that a restaurant will be throwing to hospitals since accidents and risks are already acknowledged and minimized by the employees.

Restaurant Employee Fall Risk Assessment Form

Examples of Restaurant Risk Assessment Forms

Free Kitchen Installation Risk Assessment Form

Although risks can be determined by conducting a restaurant survey that centers on the harmful elements of the restaurant, it is always an essential matter that the management will accompany their surveys with assessments from licensed assessors and evaluators. With this, the following risk assessment forms can be used by restaurant owners and managers for the welfare of the people within their premises:

1. Restaurant Kitchen Risk Assessment Form – This type of restaurant risk assessment form is intended to inspect and assess the restaurant’s kitchen area. This form allows the assessor or the inspector to enlist the work activities done in the kitchen with its corresponding hazards and risks along with an indication of whether the risks are permanent or can be minimized. Suggested control measures will also be necessary to complete the form which will be accompanied by the statements of the inspector relating to the training of the staff in the restaurant.


2. Restaurant Food Allergen Risk Assessment Form – Different restaurants can present different options in a restaurant menu. Although the food options are enticing and inviting to any client, it is important that the restaurant is aware of the allergens found in a specific ingredient or a recipe. By this, the restaurant management can reduce the risk of serving allergens to their clients by identifying the recipes that contain food that can trigger allergic reactions, such as peanuts and milk, and write it down in a food allergen risk assessment form.

The form contains a list of food allergens on the first page which is then followed by a questionnaire on the succeeding pages. The risk assessment questionnaire focuses on determining the accountability of the management in mandating allergen policies in the restaurant as well as the staff who will be informing their clients about the ingredients of a recipe. The kitchen procedures and the storage process that the restaurant staff observes are also assessed on the form. You may also see risk assessment form samples.

3. Restaurant Employee Fall Risk Assessment Form – In any workplace, slips and fall injuries can be prominent if the staff or the employees are not being careful enough to maintain safety and cleanliness in their area. To assure that the restaurant management will not be dealing with insurances and be paying hospitalizations to slip and fall incidents, the management must conduct a quarterly fall risk assessment in the restaurant premises. A restaurant employee fall risk assessment form is the appropriate document to use for this intention. This form consists of a table with eight columns and a number of rows.

Free Kitchen Installation Risk Assessment

The columns are assigned with varying labels and subjects related to a slip and fall incident such as the possible hazardous elements in the area, the group of people who might be harmed by the hazards, as well as procedures and rules that the restaurant management mandates to omit the risks. Additionally, the action plan of the restaurant towards addressing risks and hazards are also stated on the form along with the details of when and who amended the plans.

4. Restaurant Fire Risk Assessment Form – Fire incidents are common in any restaurant or food service establishments. With this, a restaurant fire risk assessment form must be completed by the management to ensure that the premises are safe from fire and accidents. The form will determine the ignition sources, fuel sources, and oxygen sources in the premises as these three elements are the ingredients of a fire.

Free Kitchen Installation Risk Assessment Template

The people who may be at risk of a fire incident are also listed in the form by categories such as the kitchen staff and the restaurant clients. Lastly, the form will aid the management in distinguishing if they have provided enough fire extinguishers, route escape maps, and emergency protocols in the restaurant or if they need to add more materials for the safety of their clients. Install after effects for free. You may also see standard risk assessment forms.

Commercial Kitchen Installation

Restaurant Fire Risk Assessment Form in DOC

Ikea Kitchen Installation

Tips for Completing a Restaurant Risk Assessment Form

When using and completing a restaurant risk assessment form, it is significant to disclose all relevant information about the risks in the premises. By effectively disclosing and informing an assessor or inspector, the management is promoting safety to their employees and staff. Another tip for using this form is to enclose other legal forms or documents that are significant for the risk assessment process such as the previous assessment results and accident reports. Free download installation for hp p1606dn. These documents will aid an inspector to determine what are the common risks and hazards in the restaurant and address resolutions to remove the risks.

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