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Optimum Installation Guide

Optimum Modem Installation

HUAWEI HiLink merges the functions of the Huawei Mobile WiFi and RuMate apps to provide you with a more consistent and simplified management experience. As a uniform management app, HUAWEI HiLink works with many Huawei products, such as Huawei Mobile WiFi (E5 series), Huawei routers, Honor Cube, and Huawei home gateways. It can be used to search for and manage all HUAWEI HiLink terminal devices.Huawei HiLink is an app that lets you manage your HiLink devices from your phone or tablet.Functions:• View network status, including your carrier name, roaming status, and signal strength.• Manage connected devices, disconnect any device at the touch of a button, and set Internet access priorities.• Remind you when you have low battery, steep data usage, and new messages.• Save and back up the files in your phone or tablet to the microSD card in your HiLink device.• Share photos, songs, and installation files without generating mobile data traffic.• Diagnose and optimize your HiLink device to its optimum state.• Toggle between sleep and standard modes.• Enable parental control and set limits on the duration of Internet usage for children.• Set up a guest Wi-Fi network to improve the security of your home network.• Provide diverse functionality, including the Internet connection wizard, SSID and password modification, APN modification, carrier selection, and device shutdown or restart.Tip:The functions that HUAWEI HiLink provides vary with the actual Huawei terminal device used.HUAWEI HiLink APP can be used on the following devices:Mobile WiFi (E5 series): E5331, E5332, E5372, E5375, E5756E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589E5730, E5776, E5377, E5786, E5573EC5321, EC5377U, E5771,E5785,E5787,E5573HW-02G, HW-01F, HW-02E, 401HW, 506HW, HWD34, HWD35,HWS31,KD02, KD04WinglesE8231, E8278, EC315, E355,E8372CPEsE5186, E5170, E5180, B31X,B52X,B618Home routers:WS318, WSR20, WS331a, WS331b, WS330, WS550, WS880、WS326, WS328, Honor Cube(WS860), WS831, WS832, WS833, WS851, WS852, WS560

Free Install Optimum

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Optimum Free Install Promo Code

Free Install Optimum
  • MR MONO model : single airflow for one product.
  • MR MODULO model : several airflow settings for one product.
  • Plastic body (M1 fire class) housing the silicone control membrane in a calibrated passage width.
    The passage width is fixed for the MONO model and adjustable for the MODULO model.
  • Retention and air tightness provided by a peripheral elastomer external double-lip seal.
  • Diameter : from 80 to 250 mm.
  • Operating pressure :
    • Standard range : in the range between 50 and 250 Pa, airflow from 15 to 650 m3/h (MONO), from 20 to 650 m3/h (MODULO)
    • High pressure range : in the range between 150 and 650 Pa, airflow from 120 to 1100 m3/h (MONO)
  • Airflow tolerance on its operating pressure range :
    • Q average = Q rated +/- 5 m3/h for MR ≤ 50 m3/h
    • Q average = Q rated +/- 10 % for MR > 50 m3/h
  • Operating temperature : -10 °C / +60 °C.
  • Fitted directly in a circular duct or a standard accessory connection.
  • Manual tool-free control of desired airflow by removing wedge and turning rotating ring (MODULO model only).
  • Airflow stabilisation distance :
    • Exhaust : 1 Ø between the terminal and the MR positioned downstream
    • Air supply : 3 Ø between the MR positioned upstream and the terminal