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Remote Start & Car Alarm Installation Experts Every remote start system that is installed at our location is installed by an expert, and not all installations are created equal. As a matter of fact, the installation of the remote starter is 20 time more important than the quality of the remote starter itself.

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Free Car Auto Start Installation Service

If you are looking to add an auto start to your vehicle, the Audio Garage is the place to go for quality products and topnotch installations. Our team has been expertly trained on modern vehicle electronics and we embrace multiplexed wiring technology, known as CAN-BUS, that makes many people weak in the knees. We know how to integrate an auto start into your vehicle properly so it will work seamlessly with your existing factory electronics.

As this technology gets more popular, more companies have begun installing auto starts. The sad reality is that most of these shops are not properly equipped or trained to work on the elaborate electrical systems of today’s vehicles, so they resort to using their best-educated guesses when working on your vehicle. What starts out as a lower initial investment by the consumer ends up becoming a nightmare when the vehicle is stranded on the side of the road.

The good news is that an auto start sold and installed by us will give you years of reliable use, making us your best overall value.

Auto starts come in three major types of systems: one-way, two-way and smartphone-based.

One-way systems work like your factory keyless entry system in that they communicate in one direction: from the key fob to the vehicle. These systems are the least expensive systems we offer. If you are looking for an auto start on a budget, this one is for you. We have one-way systems that come in multiple different ranges, giving you the ability to start your vehicle in places other than your house in the morning. We can promise that once you go out to a warm vehicle one time, you will never want to be cold again. And the first time you don’t have to scrape ice off your windows, you will be dancing for joy.

Two-way systems take communication to the next level. After you ask the vehicle to start, the system confirms back after it is actually running so you know for sure that it has begun warming up. It becomes especially handy in situations where you may need be within eyesight of your vehicle, such as work, out to eat or shopping. The confirmation even works with the keyless entry function, so if you’re not sure if you locked your doors, no problem; simply press the lock button on your remote control and your vehicle will confirm back that the doors are locked.

Some of our systems will tell you the temperature inside your vehicle, so you know how long to auto start it to warm it up properly. If you add the optional security feature to your auto start, you will even get alerts to your remote control if someone is tampering with your vehicle, potentially saving your vehicle from theft.


Smartphone-based systems are as good as it gets. They harness the power of the Internet and your smartphone to give you incredible control over your vehicle. As long as your phone has Internet access and the module we install in your vehicle can access the Internet, you can monitor and control your vehicle from anywhere.

Once your new auto start is installed, you simply download the free app to your iPhone or Android phone, and now you have two-way communication with your vehicle. If you upgrade to a security system, you will get alerted to tampering with your vehicle. For the ultimate in peace of mind, you can add GPS tracking capability to our smartphone systems, allowing you to track your vehicle in real time.

Do you own a manual transmission vehicle and think it can’t be auto or remote started? The folks at the Audio Garage can safely start most manual transmission vehicles and will be glad to discuss the details of how that works with you.

Did you know that we can start your diesel-powered vehicle? We sure can. Our team knows that diesel engines start differently and are well-versed in working with them.

If you own a European vehicle and have always wanted an auto start, but have been told it wasn’t possible, then you haven’t come to the folks at the Audio Garage. We are specialists in vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, and can help make your dreams a reality.

Popular options for our auto start systems are rear window defogger control and heated seat activation. Ask any of our team for specific options available on your vehicle.

The Audio Garage: Fargo’s Auto Start Headquarters

We invite you to stop by our state-of-the-art facility with your vehicle. Our team will take all the time needed to understand your specific needs and goals for an auto start, and will then design and install a solution catered to your individual needs.

Free Car Auto Start Installation Near Me

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