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In accordance with the Government’s boiler grant scheme, the UK’s ‘Big Six’ energy companies are giving away free replacement boilers to qualifying homeowners and private tenants.

Seniors with low to moderate income seniors and who have physical disabilities with home repairs assistance, adaptations, maintenance and home modifications to ensure elderly safety at home. Comprehensive Housing Assistance Inc. (CHAI) Baltimore, MD, USA. Programs for Elderly features innovative worldwide programs and services for seniors. The government’s ECO3 scheme provides a free boiler and free insulation. Installing a new boiler could save you up to £4,725 over its lifetime. Companies must replace around 35,000 heating systems per year – for free. An old ineffient gas boiler and inadequate insulation could be causing your energy bills to be too high. Apply here for a free boiler or home insulation grant on the UK government ECO scheme. Find Energy Savings have been helping people to reduce their energy bills by providing them with assistance to apply for an ECO grant for a free boiler or home insulation. We have a network of vetted.

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  1. Free Boiler Grants Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2020, qualifying home owners could have their old in-efficient boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised via a new boiler grant. If you qualify, we can arrange for a local, approved company to contact you to complete the installation of your new boiler.
  2. A free boiler grant could be the answer. If you qualify for a boiler grant under the ECO scheme, you’ll receive a grant towards a brand new boiler which will be more energy efficient. This should result in cheaper bills for you – by up to £315 a year if you’re replacing a G-rated boiler – and reduced carbon emissions which is good for.
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Under the free boiler scheme – ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) – low-income households could be entitled to upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler free of charge, or at the very least, heavily subsidised. Landlords with low income tenants may also be eligible.

Given the average cost of replacing an inefficient gas boiler is around £2,300, it is worth your while exploring the possibility of applying for a free boiler grant.

Some households may also be entitled to other benefits that are designed to help families reduce heating bills. These include:

  • Heating controls
  • Solid wall insulation

This article takes an in-depth look at how the government’s free boiler scheme works.

We explain everything you need to know about qualifying for a free boiler grant and who you should speak to if you are eligible to have a free replacement boiler installed.

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Free Boiler Scheme 2020/2021

The free boiler scheme is the next stage of the Governments challenge to combat global climate change and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

The ECO Scheme started in April 2013 and was originally due to end in March 2015. It was extended for a further 18 months when energy firms promised additional obligations under the ECO2 scheme.

The current free boiler scheme, ECO3, cuts back on some of the promises but includes the Affordable Warmth Obligation scheme.

The latest phase will run until March 2022 and gives households that missed out on the initial two ECO programs an opportunity to benefit from warm housing policies.

Under previous ECO schemes, grant funding was given for gas boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers, and electric heaters. ECO3 is limited to gas boilers only.

However, the main purpose of The Affordable Warmth Obligation is to take fuel poverty and help vulnerable families lower gas bills.

The £6bn energy efficiency scheme is focused on helping more than one million homeowners overcome fuel poverty.

Old boilers significantly contribute to household expenses. Installing an energy-efficient gas boiler can help to reduce gas bills by £100-£300 a year.

If you qualify for a free boiler grant, apply for one today so you don’t miss out on the government’s generous offer.

What are the Energy Companies Obligations (ECO)?

In an attempt to reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by energy companies, the UK Government has set targets for energy companies to meet.

Under the Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) agreement, energy companies are obliged to provide UK homeowners with ‘primary measures’ to use less energy.

HOME HEATING COST REDUCTION (HHCRO)This scheme is designed to help households to heat their homes for less. Solutions include installing energy-efficient replacement boilers
CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTION OBLIGATION (CERO)The scheme includes improving heat retention measures in homes such as roof insulation and connections to heating systems

How Does The Free Boiler Scheme Work?

The primary obligations set by the government’s free boiler scheme are to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and tackle fuel poverty.

In order to reach its targets, energy suppliers in the UK have been asked to help lower fuel consumption and reduce household energy bills by paying for A-rated boilers to be installed in qualifying households.

Britain’s leading boiler manufacturers including Baxi and Gloworm have been working on innovative designs to produce energy efficient boilers.

The next stage of the plan is to encourage UK homeowners to instal energy efficient gas boilers.

Under the Affordable Warmth Obligation, energy suppliers have agreed to install replacement boilers for free in households that cannot afford to purchase a new gas boiler.

It is anticipated that around 230,000 households in the UK will qualify for a free boiler grant.

However, the government aims to support over 1 million homeowners in total. Thousands of households that are classed as ‘vulnerable’ may also be entitled to heavy subsidies.

Any contributions you may have to pay will be small.

Householders that are eligible for free boiler grants have no obligation to pay back instalments. Furthermore, there are no complicated terms and conditions to be met other than the basic qualifying criteria.

Households that qualify for a free boiler grant will be entitled to install a new gas boiler together with heating controls where necessary. An energy assessment will also be carried out free of charge.

Boiler Installation Near Me

The amount of funding you will be entitled to will depend on your income, the energy efficiency of your home and the age of your existing boiler.

Who Qualifies for a Replacement Boiler Grant?

Applicants under the boiler replacement scheme must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Own your home
  • Private tenants must have permission from the landlord
  • Receive a combination of government benefits (see below)
  • The existing boiler must be more than 5-years old
  • Your property must have a gas supply

Applicants must receive a combination of the following Government benefits.

  • Child tax credits
  • Working tax credits
  • Income-related ESA
  • Income-related JSA
  • Income support
  • Universal tax credits
  • Pension credits

It should be noted that applicants in receipt of pension credits and child tax credits in which the annual household income is less than £16,010 automatically qualify for a replacement boiler grant.

If you receive any of the benefits in the left-hand column you must also receive at least ONE from the right-hand column:

Income-related ESA

Income-related JSA

Income Support

• Disability Living Allowance

• Pension Premium

• Employment Support

• Child under 16

• Child under 20 (not in higher education)

Working Tax Credits (household income below £16,010)• Over 60 years old

• Disabled worker allowance

• Severe disability benefit

• Child under 16

• Child under 20 (not in higher education)

Universal Credit (Monthly take-home pay of £1250 or less within the last 12-months• Child under 16

• Child under 20 (not in higher education)

• Disability Living Allowance

• Personal Independent Payment

• Limited capability for work

Because of funding restrictions in relation to the Affordable Warmth Scheme, some households may be asked to contribute towards the cost of installing a new gas boiler.

Applicants in receipt of child tax credits, working tax credits and universal credits are subject to household income thresholds.

The thresholds are calculated in relation to the number of adults and children living in your home, together with the number of bedrooms.

The ECO scheme also indicates homeowners should have a new gas boiler installed if your existing boiler is broken and more than five years old.

However, if the boiler is less than five year’s old, the free boiler replacement scheme assumes that it will be more cost-effective to repair the boiler than to replace it.

Free Boilers for Landlords

Landlords may be able to get a free boiler if they have tenants who meet the criteria. As the landlord owns the property it would essentially be a free home improvement. While potentially a nice perk, free boilers for landlords is of course not the objective of the scheme, it is to help low-income households keep warm.

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Council House Eco Scheme

UK residents living in social housing may also qualify for a free replacement boiler and an insulation grant.

Householders in council houses or housing association properties do not have to be in receipt of the state benefits listed above.

However, you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F, or G in order to qualify for an insulation grant. You can find your home efficiency rating on the energy performance certificate register.

You may also be eligible for a free boiler grant, but only where the property has not previously had a central heating system.

What’s more, only properties that are owned entirely by the housing association will qualify for a free boiler grant. Shared ownership properties are not eligible under the boiler grant scheme.

Free Boiler Replacement for Pensioners

Old boilers lose around 40% of the heat they produce. This means that for every £1 of heating you use, 40p is literally wasted.

The new A-rated energy efficiency boilers save around 90% of the heat they generate and according to Which?, homeowners that install a new gas boiler can save up to £340 a year on heating bills.

A-rated boilers can cost upwards of £700 and anywhere up to £4,000 depending on the size of your property and the type and make of the boiler.

The government’s ECO scheme intends to help pensioners upgrade their homes with energy efficient boilers. If you are aged over 60 and receive Pension Credit you may be entitled to a free replacement boiler.

Pensioners in receipt of a standard state pension do not qualify for a free boiler grant. However, if you are aged over 60 and claim working tax credits, you may still be eligible for assistance under the boiler grant scheme.

How To Get A Free Boiler Installed

The ECO free boiler grant scheme is being funded by UK leading energy companies. To qualify for a replacement boiler grant, you must be registered with one of the participating energy suppliers.

Boiler Installation Cost

The Big Six energy companies that are involved in the Eco Scheme are:

  • British Gas
  • on
  • Npower
  • SSE
  • EDF
  • Scottish Power

When is the Free Boiler Scheme Due To End?

The current ECO free boiler grant scheme is due to end in March 2022. However, the government has set a budget and homeowners that do not apply for a new boiler soon may miss out.

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