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After the downloading is complete, you will get the ISO file of Windows 10, and now you need to burn that ISO file on the DVD; for that, first, download and install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. This tool is available for free of cost by Microsoft Corporation. Don’t trouble with the software’s title that is Windows 7. Steps to Burn Videos to DVD with Wondershare DVD Creator Step 1 Launch Wondershare DVD Writer Software. Download, install and launch Wondershare DVD writer software on your PC Windows or Mac, selected Create a DVD Video Disc option from the interface. Step 2 Import Videos to DVD Writer. To add files from your PC, click the + icon under the Source tab and the import window will pop up. DVD Player - FREE. The best free DVD Player for enjoying movies with you loved ones during this pandemic. DVD Player - FREE brings DVD and Video playback capabilities to Windows 10 users. It combines a powerful media engine with a clean and modern interface to ensure the best user experience. Key features: - Play DVD video disc.

[Background] The Windows DVD Maker is a free DVD authoring tool that includes several versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, Microsoft decided to stop including it in its operating system, starting with Windows 8. If you use a computer running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, you won’t find it included. Windows DVD Maker is no longer available for download. Websites that offer free downloads of Movie Maker are not offering the real thing, and those downloads may contain malware, viruses, or hidden costs.

We think it’s a good idea that we look for free alternatives to Windows DVD manufacturers and share with you. These are the best free alternatives for Windows DVD Maker.

1. DVD Styler alternatives for Windows DVD Maker

DVD styler is easy to install, and we like the fact that even if it’s a free application, it doesn’t try to get you to install a variety of third-party software or “special offers” that you don’t want. We found that its user interface is easy to use and intuitive. We never felt the need to learn how to perform specific tasks through document search. If you want a beautiful, simple and direct DVD authoring tool, the DVD styler is beyond the ability to provide everything you need to create a video DVD.

2. Free DVD Maker alternatives for Windows DVD Maker

Free DVD Maker is designed to enable the creation of DVD movies that can be played using DVD playback software or on a standalone consumer DVD player. In some ways, it is comparable to iDVD in Mac OS X. Windows DVD Maker can be used on various windows os including: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10.

Windows DVD Maker support up to 60 video formats. You can convert your avi, mp4, wmv, flv, divx , … videos to DVD using Windows DVD Maker. You can make your own DVD Menu and Subtitles with Windows DVD Maker. It’s very simple to use. Just select your favourite DVD Menu template and apply it. There are multiple DVD Menu template and still growing. Click to download Windows DVD Maker for XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10.

3. DVD Flick alternatives for Windows DVD Maker

DVD Flick is another free DVD authoring tool. This app’s approach is to be as simple as it can be while, at the same time, offering all the basics the user needs. DVD Flick supports a wide range of video and audio codecs, so you’ll be able to design DVDs starting from almost any kind of video file. Another good feature is the fact that DVD Flick also lets you embed subtitles on your DVD videos. However, while testing and using it, we’ve also noticed a few shortcomings. The most important is the lack of support for image files: you can’t create picture slideshows, as DVD Flick can only work with video and audio files. The second major shortcoming is the small number of DVD menu templates, and the lack of an option to design and create your own DVD menu. You’re stuck with one of the six default DVD menu templates, all of them being simple and, honestly, not very attractive.


These are the best free alternatives we’ve found for Microsoft’s Windows DVD Maker. While any of these five can do the job, our opinion is that the best are Free DVD Maker . These are the apps with the largest number of DVD customizing features, they support a wide range of video and audio input formats, can embed subtitles and let you design your own custom menus. Furthermore, they’re also honest software: they don’t try to install unwanted programs on your computer, nor do they ask you to pay money in order to utilize them fully.

Though Blu-ray files offer great clarity and picture quality, it can be very big in size and difficult to maintain. Blu-ray to DVD converter free download can be used to convert the Blu-ray to DVD files without losing the picture quality and the vice versa is possible with a DVD to Blu-ray converter software. Depending upon the platform you can use the appropriate software but convert Blu-ray to DVD mac is very popular.

Dvd Installer Free Download


Blu-ray to DVD

This premium software can be used on any platform to convert the Blu-ray videos to DVD and it can be watched on any player. It renders a top quality image and fast conversions.

Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper

This freeware will enable the user to convert the Blu-ray files to different formats like DVD after compressing and encoding the file. It can be viewed in many mediums like PS3, WD TV, Droid X, etc.

Blu-ray to DVD II Pro

This premium software can be used to convert Blu-ray files to DVD or AVCHD without losing the quality. The HD video codec and burn engine will ensure that videos are burnt efficiently.

EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper for Linux

This free software can be used on Linux platform to convert and rip DVD for viewing on a different medium. The file has to be selected and the output path has to be specified after which the conversion can be done.

Dvd installer free download

Dvd Installer Free Download Program

Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac


Dvd software download, free

Xilisoft Blu-ray to DVD Converter for Windows

This premium software is compatible on the Windows platform and is specially designed for Blu-ray disc users who want to convert and backup the home DVD discs. It provides excellent image quality.

Blu-ray Ripper – Most Popular Software

This premium popular software is compatible on Windows platform to convert Blu-ray to MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. Editing is possible and supports multi-language. You can also see Blu-ray Burners

How to Install Blu-Ray to DVD Converter Software?

The Blu-ray files can be easily converted to DVD videos by using a converter. It has to be downloaded from the manufacturer after it is bought. If it is a free version, then the files can be downloaded automatically. Free trial versions are available to make sure that the software will be compatible on the platform but after the trial is over the full version has to be purchased. You can also see Burn Aware Software

This software can be used to backup the Blu-ray and DVD videos so that no data is lost and it will be able to support multiple mobile devices and gaming consoles. The videos can be edited by trimming, joining or rotating the clips and touching up to improve the quality of the image is also possible.

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