Does Walmart Have Free Battery Installation

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Sam’s Club car Batteries

Walmart Battery Services Walmart also provides comprehensive battery installation services of batteries and components whether they are purchased from Walmart or not. These battery packages also come with battery non-corrosion treatment and battery terminal replacement. Walmart Oil and Lube Services. Still, free battery installation service is only available at Walmart stores with an automotive service department, common in most Walmart Supercenters. Even though all Walmart stores sell car batteries, not all of the stores are supercenters; therefore, they do not have an automotive service center. Does Walmart install tires free with purchase? No, but when you look at the tires you can ask for an estimate and on both that and on the final bill you can see the break-down of charges. The Pep Boys Car Battery Protection Service helps keep your newly installed car battery corrosion free throughout every season. Chemical cleaning of car battery cable connectors. Installation of acid-neutralizing felt terminal post washers. Application of anti-corrosion sealant to car battery. The free battery check suggested that I had a bad battery and needed a replacement. Bad battery reading during the free battery check. However, the associate told me it was a good sign that the system showed my battery was holding a 100% charge. The most likely scenario, he said, is that I had one bad cell triggering a bad reading.

Sam’s Club is a large discount retailer that operates warehouse style locations. Owned by the Walton family, Sam’s Club requires that shoppers pay annual membership fees in order to access their various locations. Each location offers a variety of services in order to add a level of convenience that most discount retailers lack. The Sam’s Club battery center gives members access to affordably priced vehicle batteries that come with extended warranties and free instillation.

Sam’s Club car Battery Types and Brands

Sam’s Club only offers one type of battery found below.

Does walmart have free battery installation autozone

Free Battery Installation With Purchase

Does walmart have free battery installation

Sam’s Club Duracell Battery– At this time Sam’s Club exclusively offers Duracell brand for all of their auto batteries. Each location offers a variety of sizes and power levels that can be used to power cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and boats. The batteries come with a three-year warranty that includes free replacement.

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Sam’s Club Car Battery Prices and Installation

Sams Club battery prices vary depending on the particular type and brand of battery a potential customer is looking to purchase. Typically, Sam’s Club car batteries range from $50 to $200 depending on the brand and type. Battery services will range from $3-$5 and installation are absolutely free for Sam’s Club purchased car batteries. Sam’s Club car batteries also offer different warranties from different brands of car batteries; this essentially means that in case your car battery dies before the specified time, you will be able to get a replacement battery for free. To view Sam’s Club battery prices for your vehicle click HERE.

How to Purchase Sam’s Club car Batteries

Does Walmart Have Free Battery Installation Program

Purchasing Sam’s Club auto battery is pretty simple. Customers have the option of making their Sam’s Club battery purchase online or in store. If you opt to visit Sam’s Club store for your next car battery purchase , you will need to give Sam’s Club representative some information about your vehicle such as Year , Make, Model, and engine size. Sam’s Club team member will look up the batteries currently in stock for your vehicle and give you a few choices to choose from. After you select your battery ,Sam’s Club representative will instal it for you and take your old battery to be recycled. You can also buy Sam’s Club battery online; To purchase Sam’s Club batteries online and to view Sam’s Club battery prices click HERE.