Does Pep Boys Install Windshield Wipers Free

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I've been needing to go to Pep Boys for a while to get a rear windshield wiper. I was really excited when I pulled up and saw a sign that said they install wiper blades for free! I've done it before, but if I can have somebody do it for me in less than 20 seconds, then I'm all for it!

Pep Boys is a chain of full-service and tire automotive aftermarket businesses. Pep Boys offer a wide range of services from tire rotation to oil changes. There are currently around 800 Pep Boys stores in the U.S., and 7,500 service bays spread out across 35 different states. They were founded in 1921 and has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Continue reading below to find out more about the Pep Boys tires.

Overview of Pep Boys Tire Center

You will find that Pep Boys offers a number of different tires in a variety of brands, including BFGoodrich, Continental, Cooper Tires, Falken, Michelin, Hankook, General Tire, Carlisle, Pirelli, Maxxis Tires, Mickey Thompson, Kumho Tires, and Nitto. If you are currently looking for new tires to put on your vehicle, Pep Boys offer lots of different options. It is important that you take the time to explore some of these choices so you can make the very best decision on one of them in particular.

There are also a number of different service and repair services that you will be able to take advantage of when it comes to Pep Boys auto service shops, including alignment, tire rotation, flat tire repair, tire balancing, and TPMS services. You can also get an oil change, new wiper blades, brakes, batteries, heating and cooling systems, exhaust, car audio, lifting, electronics, and more. If you need to get the tires on your vehicle rotated or perhaps need a wheel alignment, these businesses will definitely be able to help you out.

You will be able to look at all of the different tires that Pep Boys has to offer on their website. You can search for these tires by vehicle, size, brand, or type. Some of the different types of tires that Pep Boys has to offer include All-Season Tires, Low Profile Tires, Off Road Tires, Snow/Winter Tires, Truck Tires, All-Terrain Tires, Mud Tires, Performance Tires, and SUV Tires. No matter what your specific needs are, Pep Boys should be able to take care of them.

How to Buy Tires From Pep Boys Tires Center

There are a few ways to purchasing tires from Pep Boys, online or in-person. If you have a Pep Boys near you, just pop over and have them inspect your vehicle and provide you with a price quote and tire recommendations by one of their certified specialists. Alternatively, you can go on their website and make your own selection without the hassle of a sales person.

To buy tires online from Pep Boys, just head over to their website. Select the tires tab to start your search. As we mentioned earlier, Pep Boys has a wide variety of tires and brands to choose from. Whatever vehicle you might be looking for, Pep Boys has tires for it. To make it easy on you, click the “Shop Tires By Vehicle” to make your tire shopping easy. Enter in your vehicle’s info, your location, and Pep Boys will provide you with a list of tires to choose from.

This is where many will get confused, because they provide you with so many options to choose from. However, you won’t go wrong with choosing any tires from Pep Boys as they provide the best brands. But to help you choose the best, just look at the tire reviews and do a little Google searching on the tire. You can even use Pep Boys compare feature by selecting a few different tires and compare them side by side. If you are still unable to make a selection, give them a call or visit a store near you. They will be more than happy to help you and give you some feedback. You can also check out “How to Shop for Tires“ guide by Pep Boys.

Continue reading below to find out how much tire installation costs and other tire service prices.

Pep Boys Tires Prices & Fees


Pep Boys Tires Services


3-Month Wheel Alignment$84.99+
1-Year Wheel Alignment$114.99+
5-Year Wheel Alignment$179.99+

Wedge Adjustments/Shim Kits

Front Cam/Wedge Adjustment Package$49.99+
Rear Shim Adjustment Package$49.99+
4WD/AWD Shim Adjustment Package$69.99+

Tire Rotation

Pep Boys Tire Rotation$14.99+

Flat Tire Repair

Pep Boys Flat Tire Repair Service$19.99+

Wheel Balancing Service

Pep Boys Lifetime Tire Balancing Service$14.99+

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Pep Boys Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Check-up Service$14.99+
Pep Boys Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor Replacement Service (per sensor)$17.99+

The prices that Pep Boys auto service centers charges for their tire products and services vary, but they are generally affordable. A wheel alignment at one of these businesses starts at $74.99, though the total amount that you end up paying will depend on the vehicle you have. If you need the tires on your vehicle rotated, you will only need to pay $14.99. Everyone pays the same amount for tire rotation services, regardless of their vehicle. Flat tire repair services will cost around $19.99, but it will depend on the extent of the damage to your tire. Some people have to pay more than others for this particular service.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to look into some of the different tires that Pep Boys sells so you can get the best possible deal on whatever you need. The more time you spend doing this research, the better your chances are going to be of saving money on the tires you need for your vehicle. The total amount that you pay for your tires will of course depend on the brand, size, and type of tires you select. Some types of tires tend to cost a little bit more than others, such as snow or all-season tires.

If you are interested in tire balancing services, you can take advantage of them through Pep Boys for only $14.99. These balancing services will be for the entire life of the tire, and it involves mounting each wheel on a state-of-the-art dynamic computer-controlled spin balancing machine. While it’s true that lots of auto care places offer these services, not many are as affordable as Pep Boys.

For more information regarding these tire services and prices for your vehicle, click here.

Pep Boys Tire Rotation Service

When you pay for tire rotation services at Pep Boys, you can expect all of the tires on your vehicle to be rotated for optimized tread life in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. The professional mechanics at these auto care centers will tighten the lug nuts to the manufacturer’s torque specifications as well. Keep in mind that this service is completely free with any synthetic oil change or tire purchase. This particular service starts at $14.99, but the total amount that you pay might be a bit more depending on the vehicle you have.

It is incredibly important for you to get the tires on your vehicle rotated every six months or so. Those who pay for this service won’t have to worry about uneven wear on their tires. If you want to make sure that your vehicle handles well into the future and you don’t have to buy new tires anytime soon, you will definitely want to pay for a tire rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Pep Boys Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment at any Pep Boys auto service center will cost you a minimum of $74.99, which is the price that most people pay. The total cost of this service might vary depending on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s entire steering and suspension components will be evaluated by a Pep Boys professional technician. The wheels on your vehicle will be re-aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications so you won’t have any issues for at least a while.

If you have started to feel your car drifting one way while you are driving, or you have significant uneven wear on your tires, you could need a wheel alignment. These alignment services can ultimately save you a lot of money in repairs in the future.

Find a Pep Boys Near Me

To find a Pep Boys nearby, simply head over to their store locator page. Here you will be able to find one of their 804 stores near you. Simply search for a location by your street address, city, state, ZIP or area code. You can also filter your search locations to show locations with retail, service, speed shop, state inspection, and electronic installation. Alternatively, you can just select your state from the map.

After you perform your desired search, you will see a list and map view of the closest Pep Boys locations near you. You will see each stores address, phone number, and distance. For more information regarding a specific store select, “View Store Information.” This will bring up a new page with the stores hours of operation, services offered at the location, store ad, coupons, and much more. You can also make an appointment.


The Google Map below can also help you find a Pep Boys location near you.

Pep Boys Coupons

When it comes to finding coupons for tires and services offered by Pep Boys, simply head over to their official coupons page. This is where you will find some great deals and coupons for Pep Boys. You can also see their ad online to see all their sales and in store deals. While you will find some great deals there, make sure to sign up for their rewards program to save even more. Click here to find out more about the Pep Boys rewards program.

For more information regarding Pep Boys and their services, please visit their official website. Make sure to check out Costco’s Tires Center and our blog for the latest car news.

It’s never fun to spend money on routine maintenance or repairs for your vehicle, so why pay for services you can get for free? That’s right, you might actually be able to take advantage of free car repairs and services at the following places. So before you break open your piggy bank, keep reading to see how you can save money and keep your car running like a well-oiled machine.


AutoZone provides many free in-store services as well as a wealth of online support for all of your car needs. Find a store near you to take advantage of:

  • Free testing. They’ll test your car’s battery, alternator, starter, and more for free. When you know exactly what’s wrong with your car, you won’t have to buy a part you don’t need.
  • Free battery charging. Accidentally left your lights on all night? Take your battery to AutoZone. They can charge a 12-volt battery in about 30 minutes and also offer overnight battery charging for 6 or 12-volt lawn, motorcycle, and marine batteries.
  • Free oil and battery recycling. Some auto repair shops will charge you a fee to dispose of your old motor oil or batteries. AutoZone will actually give you credits if you bring them your used oil and old batteries. Score!
  • Free repair tools. If you have the skills to repair your car on your own, you can easily get the specialty tools you need for free through AutoZone’s Loan-A-Tool® service. They offer an extensive selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own tools that can help you get the job done, just leave a deposit at the store when you pick up the tool. Your deposit is refunded when you return the tool.

Learn more about AutoZone’s free services.

Pep Boys Wiper Blades Replacement

Pep Boys

You can make an appointment at your local Pep Boys for several free services. Here’s what you can enjoy at no cost to you.

Does Pep Boys Install Windshield Wipers Freeze

  • Free code retrieval. Is your check engine light on? It could mean a major repair, or it could be as simple as a loose gas cap. A Pep Boys technician will scan your car’s computer board, document the diagnostic trouble code along with a description of the problem, and give you an estimated cost for repair.
  • Free brake inspection. Pep Boys will help you determine whether or not you need brake service, or a brake component replaced.
  • Free windshield wiper installation. Purchase new wipers at Pep Boys and they’ll install them for free, right in the parking lot!
  • Free tire rotation. Pep Boys will rotate your tires for free with any scheduled service. So, if you need your oil changed or your air filter replaced, make sure to take advantage of this free offering.

Advance Auto Parts

Like Pep Boys and AutoZone, most Advance Auto Parts locations offer similar free services that include battery installation, testing, and recycling. Find your local Advance Auto Parts store to get savings on your necessary maintenance.

Discount Tire

Discount Tire stores will check your tires’ air pressure regardless of where you bought them. If you bought tires from Discount Tire, they’ll rotate and balance them for you (at no additional charge) for the entire life of the tires! Talk about a good deal! Find your local Discount Tire to take advantage of these services.

Bonus Savings

Need an oil change, major repair service, or a set of new tires? Sometimes the places above (and others like them), offer special promos for free or discounted services. Keep an eye out for coupons and special deals.

Know what else is free? An auto insurance quote from Direct Auto! Just give us a call, stop by one of our stores, or visit our website to see how much you can save! Also, for some additional peace of mind, you could consider purchasing roadside assistance. You’ll be thankful you bought it after just one dead battery or jumpstart!