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How to Convert PS3 Game Folder into pkg file. Yes, friends, many of my subscribers are asking me about this process. SO, on their request, I am going to share with you the complete and fully working process for you. This is a very simple process you need to follow the steps carefully. Once you have done this process successfully then you can convert any PS3 Game_Folder into pkg file. After convert, you can use this file into your PS3 FAT, Slim, or Superslim console and play your favorite game.

  1. How To Convert Pkg To Ps3

Hi all, New to the PS3 scene so sorry if this is a silly question. I have downloaded some multiple PKG files, I want to install them onto my external hard drive however my understanding is that when you install a PKG file on your PS3, it installs to the internal hard drive.

Make sure your PS3 console should be jailbroken and have firmware 4.81 or 4.82. Below then this may brick your console. Besides that, if you don’t know how to jailbreak a PS3 Superslim, then click on the hyperlink. So, let’s start with the Convert PS3 Game Folder into the pkg file.

Some requirements for this process
  • PS3 PKG Maker Tools
  • PS3Xploit Resigner Master Tool “Resigner Tool”
  • PS3 Game (Copied Blu-Ray)
  • ACT DAT & IDPs file

Note: All games may not convert into pkg, other than this some converted but not play on your PS3 console, show you the black screen

How to Convert PS3 Game Folder into the pkg file
  1. Download and extract PKG Maker Tools on your PC
  2. After extract, you got 3 folders: CFW2OFW V11, PS3_Generate_LIC.DAT, and make-backup-pkg
  3. The game folder should have LIC.DAT Folder
  4. If your game folder has not the LIC folder then create it with the help of PS3_Generate LIC.DAT. (Open PS3_Generate_LIC.DAT and drag and drop your game folder to PS3_Generate_LIC)
  5. Now open your GAME_FOLDER and copy PS3_GAME and paste it into the CFW2OFW V11 Folder
  6. After that drag and drop PS3_GAME Folder on the CFW2OFW Helper
  7. A process will start automatically; wait for the completion of the process and after that press any key to exit
  8. Now a new GAME_FOLDER created. Inside it, you can see two folders BLUSxxxxx and NPUBxxxxx
  9. Copy or Cut both folders and paste under the make backup pkg
  10. Now run “do” exe, wait for the process completion
  11. Once the process successfully is done, you got three pkg files (GAME, PATCH, LICENCE)
  12. Copy or cut all 3 pkg files and paste into the PS3xploit-resigner-master folder
  13. Now one by one drag and drop all three pkg files on the ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign (After the complete process you will get signed PKG files)
  14. Keep the signed pkg files and delete previous all pkg files
  15. Now copy or cut all 3 new signed pkg files and paste in your USB stick
  16. Plug out USB stick from your PC and plug in your PS3 near to BD drive
  17. On PS3 go to HAN Toolbox > HAN Enabler
  18. Now go to the Package Manager > Install Package Files > Standard
  19. Now install Game, Patch and License pkg files on by one
  20. Your game is ready to play. Enjoy!
Some general question answers about Convert PS3 Game Folder into the pkg file

Q1: Can I use my PS3 Phat(FAT), slim or Super Slim console?

A: Yes, you can easily use any PS3 console for this process; there is no restriction of the PS3 console make and model.

Q2: Can I convert any PS3 game?

A: Yes you can convert any PS3 game into pkg with this process. May some games not work and show you the black screen.

Q3: What is the console firmware required to perform this process?

A: Make sure your console should be on 4.81/4.82 firmware, please update your console firmware if below then 4.81/4.82 otherwise your console may brick.

Q4: Do I need a jailbroken console to perform this process?


A: Yes, for doing this process you need a jailbroken console. I already explained how to jailbreak the PS3 console in my previous article. Besides that, if you have PS3 super slim then please read my article on how to jailbreak PS3 super slim console. Can't install free storage for installing outlook.

Summary:- Finally, I hope that you easily understand this article How to convert PS3 Game Folder into a pkg file. Further, if you have any queries then write to me. I will revert back to you as soon as possible with the best possible solution. Please like and share my Facebook page and subscribe to push notification. Also, bookmark my website for quick access in the future and stay connected with me.

If we can convert the mw2 disc to and.iso file, we can edit on the computer right? Does this invalidate the checksum? We can reverse this and get a pc copy of the game, and convert the.iso to a.pkg, so that it will run on the ps3. PSX Games on PS3 Console, PSX Games on PS3Xploit 3.0 HAN, How to Play PSX Games on PS3 Console, Tutorial on How to Play PSX Games on PS3 without any survey. Go to convert menu and pick your ISO. Get your PKG and install it on your PS3; Now you can enjoy your game; Now, the process is done successfully. Further, if you want to convert.

Designed for the PSP, but also works on PS3 PKGs.
'LMAN' has released a neat Windows tool that allows you to decrypt PS3 & PSP PKGs and extract the files from it..

As its name suggests, PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor by 'LMAN' helps you to decrypt PS3 & PSP PKG's and extract the files from it.
For PS3 it can extract PKG files only; for PSP it can extract and (decrypt, dump, verify the dumped ISO, generate KEYS.BIN from PSOne EBOOT.PBP file) and prepare the extracted files to be ready for use ONLY on the PSP system.
Here are its features:

Convert Ps3 Iso To Pkg

• Extract All PS3 & PSP PKG files.
• Extract & Decrypt & Dump all PSP PKG files ( Games & Minis, DLCs & Addons, NeoGeo, PC Engine, PSOne Classic Games, Games Updates )
• Generate KEYS.BIN for PSOne Game from PSOne EBOOT.PBP file.
• Prepare the files for the PSP System.
• Detect the Uncompleted PKG files.
• Check & Verify the Dumped ISO.
• View ICON & PIC and Title Name, Title ID, Category, Parental level of PKG file after extracted.
Also, here's its usage instructions and changelog:
How to use:
1) Double Click to Browse or Drag & Drop:
• PKG file to decrypt and extract it's content.
• PSP ISO file to verify it.
• PSOne EBOOT.PBP to Generate KEYS.BIN file from it.
2) Select One of these options:
• Select 'Auto Detect PKG Contents' to automatically (decrypt, dump) it's contect.
• Select 'DLC & ADDON' if the PKG file is a DLCADDON.
• Select 'Game & Mini Game' if the PKG file is a GameMinis.
• Select 'PSOne Classic Game' if the PKG file is a PSOne Classic Game.
• Select 'PC Engine Game' if the PKG file is a PC Engine Game.
• Select 'Update' if the PKG file is a Game Update.
3) See the log dialog for any details.
• Select 'AUTO DETECT PKG CONTENT' If you don't know what PSP PKG file content is.
• Put 'psone.keys' in the same folder as the program, so you can export the needed keys.bin for your PSOne game.
• This program requires .NET 2.0
• This program intend to be use only with your own legal copy of the game.
• Use this program at your own risk!
• Initial Release!
• You can Export KEYS.BIN from 'PSOne.keys' file.
• Automatically Detect if the PKG contents is for PS3 System Only to disable any PSP functions.
• Automatically Generate KEYS.BIN from PSOne EBOOT.PBP file in same path as the EBOOT.PBP file.
• Automatically Generate KEYS.BIN when extracting PSOne game from PKG file without needing for PSOne.keys database.
• Automatically Sort KEYS by game region & title and save it to PSOne.keys database file when adding new KEYS.BIN to PSOne.Keys file.
• Detect if the KEYS.BIN is already exists in PSOne.keys file before adding it.
• You can Add new KEYS.BIN to PSOne.keys database file without needing PSOne.Keys Generator.
• You can Sort KEYS.BIN by game region & title and save it to PSOne.keys database file.
• Show Warning and Abort the Operation when the PKG file path is too long.
1.21: Now available for download!
• Fixed reading Large PSOne EBOOT.PBP file.
This is the easiest GUI available that can decrypt & extract & dump & verify dumped ISO for the PSP system.
So If you like my works, you can cheers me by donating some money.
Special thanks & respect to:
Ifcaro for PKGView.
tpu for PGDECrypt & NPDecryptor.
l0c4lh0st for ISOSizeVerifier.
eighthdayregret for the tip.
Off-Site Download Links:
- PSN.PKG.Decryptor.&.Extractor.v1.21-LMAN.rar
- MIRROR (MediaFire)
NEWS SOURCE #1: PSNPKGDecryptor-Extractor (via) Google Code

Convert Ps3 Game To Pkg

NEWS SOURCE #2: PSN PKG Decrypter Extractor v1.2 released LMan (via) PSX-Scene
Our thanks to 'Gauss' for this news item!Following in the footsteps of the popular PS3 backup game manager multiMAN, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Zar has updated ManaGunZ to v1.25 which supports both CEX and DEX in PS3 4.80 Firmware.
Download: ManaGunZ_v1.25.pkg (5.51 MB) / ManaGunZ_v1.25.pkg (Mirror) / ManaGunZ_v1.25.rar (Source Code - 6.19 MB) / ManaGunZ_v1.25.rar (Mirror) / ManaGunZ (Latest Release) / GIT

How To Convert Psx Iso To Psp Eboot

To quote: Since my last message (20 may) I did nothing on MGZ, because after that i was on retroarch then I left my home (where is my PS3). I'll be back in September.. I give you the version I have but it's not finished as I wanted, here the changelog :

How To Convert Pkg To Ps3

  • Add Settings : Platform filter
  • Add FileManager : Decompress/Compress PSP ISO (CSO files)
  • Fix FileManager : fixed bug when the length of files' names was too big
  • Add : Display covers in the UI 'XMB' and 'LIST'
  • Add Settings : Download covers
  • Change : I removed the limitation to calculate hash for files bigger than 10Mo
  • Add : Support IRD to check MD5(s) of a JB game (in Game Option and in the FileManager)
  • Add FileManager : Generate MD5 log file
  • Add FileManager : Generate SHA-1 log file
  • Add FileManager : Trophy Extractor
  • Add FileManager : PKG Maker/Extractor
  • Add FileManager : RCO extractor (if it's in dev_flash, the file will be extract to dev_hdd0/tmp)
  • Add FileManager : Now the TXT viewer display the whole file (scroll with pad)
  • Add FileManager : The picture viewer can display the next/previous picture of the folder
  • Add FileManager : SFO Viewer
  • Add FileManager : Extract/Make PS3 ISO
  • Fix FileManager : Sometimes the file name of a selected item was hidden
  • Fix : Notification message
  • Fix : Make ISO (from iris)
  • Add : Latest mamba v3.1.0
  • Add : support CFW 4.80 CEX & DEX
  • [Untested - W.I.P.] Add : Retro games (PSP, PS1 and PS2)
I'll do a v1.26 later to eventually fix what i have done in this update because I rly didn't tested it a lot..
  • PS1 games was working.
  • PS2 games with cobra was working and with mamba PS2 files are missing, so u'll need to use mamba installler of PS3ITA.
  • PSP games I didn't test them at all.