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Beware of idiots
Feb 20, 2016
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'20 RR GT500R(CFTP), 18 OW GT350R Base, '17 AG GT350R Electronics Pack, '97 PG Cobra Convertible
Hi all,
I would like to share a small clip of Billy Johnson driving HR361 at Daytona International Speedway last December. He was there helping a friend set up his FP350S and I offered the use of my car. Billy was the development driver for the GT350/R, GT500/CFTP, Ford GT, as well as a GT driver for Chip Ganassi motorsports, who took 4th at Le Mans.
My GoPros took a dump that day and all I had available was to reach into my pocket and pull my cell phone out.
What a blast. It was an absolute pleasure watching a guy who developed the car work his magic. Unfortunately the video is short and it doesn't capture the event in its true moment. It really was a pleasure to see the man who developed so many of cars that we drive exhibit such skill.
I must say that he is a real enthusiast who took his time to meet all the other Ford drivers and took a real interest in our garage. A great guy and a great enthusiast.
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Car id fre gt500 installation guide
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Car Id Fre Gt500 Installation Manual

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Car Id Fre Gt500 Installation Guide

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