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Home Improvement Flooring Sales Gimmicks

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Home Depot and Lowe's FREE Carpet Installation?

You can buy new Carpet and Flooring at Lowe's or you can buy new Carpet and Flooring at Home Depot. They both certainly want and need your business. They pay millions in advertising to try to convince you to buy new Carpet and Flooring products from them. That's because there are such high profit margins on new Carpet and Flooring products.

Can I Get Free.floor Installation Anywhere Near Me

There is so much money to be made selling flooring, including carpet and padding that they offer whole-house installation for $39 or less! Why do you suppose they offer carpet installation at such a low cost? Profits!

Carpet Buyers Beware!

Both Lowe's and Home Depot use an independent installation company to handle all their flooring installations and they in turn hire subcontractors to do the work. This means that you have no way of knowing in advance who is going to install your carpet until they show up at your door with your new carpet or flooring. Are they really qualified?

Will they do a good job for you? And what if something goes wrong and your carpet or flooring is installed poorly? Who do you call when you have a problem? Who will accept responsibility and come to your rescue? Will you get a quick remedy or will it take weeks of calling and calling? You know the answer..

I've heard from so many homeowners who ended up with a poor installation job and their horror stories about the runaround they got when calling the store to try to get a remedy. I don't want this to happen to you. If you have a problem with your carpet or flooring installation you need to get a quick remedy.

Can I Get Free.floor Installation Anywhere Online

But if you only pay $39 for installation and you are not satisfied with the outcome will you just get a $39 refund? That's how much you paid for the installation, right? Hmmmm..

Carpet Sales Gimmicks

Many new carpet sales gimmicks have been offered up lately by the big box warehouses and some nationally advertised 'shop at home' flooring retailers. Their claim of deep discounts on carpet or installation are designed to lure you into thinking you have a chance at getting a really good deal. No matter what their current sales gimmick is, their goal is to make you think they are giving away the farm. If it sounds too good to be true..

Have you watched those quirky shop-at-home for carpet TV commercials that offer next day installation? Did you know that their salespeople are independent contractors? They are paid solely on commission and are basically free to charge you as much as they think they can get away with. That means if you live in a nicer home and have an expensive car in the driveway, you might be quoted a higher price.

And what about the products they sell? Are they well made and as durable as you might expect? You will not be happy if you buy a cheaply made carpet at inflated prices. You must decide for yourself if this is the way you want to go. I suggest you do a quick Google search on any carpet retailer you are considering to see if they are reputable, and see what their previous customers have to say. It could open your eyes!

Even if you are tempted to buy from a big box retailer, you would be wise to get several bids to compare prices on similar carpet, pad and installation. There is no standard markup for carpet and pad. An identical carpet can vary in price at every carpet store you visit. Any dealer can price their carpet, materials and labor any way they want.

How Much Does Carpet Cost?

Carpetand Flooring Installers and Extra Fees

I totally respect carpet and flooringinstallers. Most work very hard to earn their money by providing an honest dayswork, often implementing strenuous physical demands and following strict legalstate licensing and insurance regulations. Installing carpet or otherresidential or commercial flooring is very difficult and time consuming andrequires significant hard work and attention to detail. I think flooring installers are often taken for granted, underpaid and underappreciated.

Whole house installation for $39.00? No professional carpet installer is willing to work for freeor is willing to install a house full of carpet at a huge discount. Surprise!Your carpet installation will likely NOT fall within their 'basic' guidelinesso there WILL be some extra fees and charges and you should expect that from the big box retailers who lure you with this sales gimmick.

Recent email from a reader:

'I just had (a home improvement warehouse) give me a measure and quote for carpet. The basic installation is $99, then it is an additional $195 for tack strips, and an additional $85 because it is a mobile home.

I've called other carpet installers and they charge less for padding ($3 vs. $5.65) and more for installation ($4/yard), and it will cost me $250 less than the home improvement warehouse!'

What is considered a 'Basic' Carpet Installation?

Does the price include removing the old carpet and padding? dump fees? haul away fees, recycling charges? What about transitions, are they included? Some stores charge for measuring, but this should be a part of their service and not an extra fee. I would never agree to pay for measuring because plenty of local carpet dealers offer free estimates and measuring.

Extra for measuring, extra for delivery, extra for removing the old, extra for stairs, extra for transitions, extra for tack strip, extra for just about everything.

Isn't is obvious to you that they hide the added cost of low-cost installation by charging extra for every little thing AND inflating the price of your new carpet and pad too? Do you know how much they mark- up new carpet and pad? There is more profit in new carpet, padding and other flooring products than most people think.

The average going rate for carpet installation in the USA isabout $5.25 per yard. It's a little higher in the northern states and a littlelower in the southern states. There is almost always an extra fee for stairs, furnituremoving and transitions where the carpet meets vinyl, tile or hardwood flooring. Theyhave a long list of added fees for services that do not fall under their'basic' installation description.

Can i get free.floor installation anywhere online

Is this really true? If you think I am making all this up,take two minutes and do a Google search of 'Carpet Complaints'and see for yourself. You will have plenty of reading to keep you busy. When youare done reading all that, come on back and let me help you make wise and informed carpetand flooring choices.

Why I support Locally Owned Carpet Dealers

Some carpet installation specials are a really good deal for consumers, especially those offered by locally owned and family run carpet retailers. Reputable carpet retailers may advertise discounts on carpet, padding or specials on installation similar to the big box stores, but without all the fine print!

Times are tough and to earn your business some local retailers have lowered their prices to stay in business. But be careful who you buy from, it's easy to fall prey to a carpet scam these days and that's why I have been compiling a special list of locally owned carpet dealers for my preferred carpet dealer directory. Take a peek and see if I have a preferred carpet dealer near you.

For these reasons and many more, I would never buy carpet from Home Depot or Lowe's or recommend that you do. I think you need to buy from a reputable locally owned carpet retailer that has your complete satisfaction in mind and will treat you right from to start to finish AND after the sale!

Read my answer the question: Should I buy carpet from Lowe's or Home Depot?

Providing Radiant Floor Heating Solutions & Plumbing Supplies to the
Do-It-Yourselfer and Professional Installer

Welcome to Pexheat

Hello Customer,

Pexheat is a full service floor heating design and sales company. We offer our services to professional contractors, homeowners, and anyone in need of high quality, yet affordable radiant and electric floor heating equipment. Browse our online catalog for a full list of products and purchase them at our online store.

Why Radiant? The simple truth is; people want it.
  1. Comfort – Feet remain warm, head stays cool, the ideal heating curve.
  2. Efficiency – Hot air rises, but warmed floors keep the heat where we live.
  3. Air Quality – No dust or germs blown around the room.
  4. Design Freedom – Can’t hear it, can’t see it. Place furniture anywhere, it’s warm everywhere.

Completing a radiant heating system project the first time can be a challenge, which is why we provide full system design services, ensuring you complete the project correctly the first time. Because exceptional customer service is importance to us, we make every project 'our' project.

Why Pexheat? Because ‘We get it’.
  1. Expert Design Staff – Projects are designed by factory certified experienced designers completed to industry standards. Your project is our project.
  2. Flexible designs to meet your needs.
  3. We offer uncompromising integrity and the highest quality products.

For more information about our products or services, and for a FREE estimate, contact the team at Pexheat today!

Pexheat - Radiant Done Right.


A Free Complete Consultation to Installing Your Radiant Floor Heating System

Whether you're a professional when it comes to Radiant Floor Heating or looking to Do It Yourself, Pexheat can help you determine what you need for your radiant floor design. Complete our Estimate Request form, and get a free materials estimate.

Complete the On-line Estimate RequestDownload and fax back
the PDF form (PDF, 68K)

Specials Announces the Watts Radiant ProMelt Systems

Electric Snow Melting Mats and Cables is proud to announce we are now carrying the ProMelt Electric Snow Melting System by Watts Radiant. Take the work out of sheveling snow from driveways and walks.

If you ever wanted to install a snow melting system in your steps walkways and drives but found installing a hydronic snowmelt system to be too costly and difficult. Then the Watts Radiant ProMelt electic snow melting heating mats and cables may be exactly what you needed.

The beauty of a wintry snowfall also brings:

  • the risk of slips and falls on stair and walkways
  • tracked in salt / ice / snow
  • added cost and effort in shoveling and plowing.

A snow melting system can save you:

  • time
  • money
  • prevent damage to your walk and driveways and floors.

What is electric snow melting?

Electric snow melting involves installing a heating element beneath outside surfaces. When activated, the surface is heated and the snow or ice is melted. It's that simple.

ProMelt cable is pre-set at the factory to deliver 38 Watts/Sq.Ft. for 120VAC systems and 50 Watts/Sq.Ft. for 208, 240, & 277 VAC system.

The snow melt sytem can be controled by a timer or variety of automatic sensors.

ProMelt Snow Melting Mat in Concrete Slab

ProMelt Snow Melting Cable in Concrete Slab

ProMelt mats and cables can be installed in:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Asphalt drives
  • Under stone or pavers
  • Under ceramic tiles

Electric Snow Melting can be installed in:

  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Traction strips on hills
  • Parking areas
  • Patios

Two different installation methods

Simplicity sets ProMelt Mats apart from other snow melting products. Watts spaced the wires for you, so installation is faster and worry-free.

  • Mats are easy to customize to fit surfaces of any shape and size.
  • Easily cut mats to move around corners and turns.
Versatility makes ProMelt Cable the fantastic choice for your snow melting project. Any size, any shape
  • Easy to install and can fit surfaces of all shapes and sizes.
  • Space the cable depending on your warming needs.
  • Lower Cost
Please Contact Us to find out if ProMelt is the right snow melting solution on your next job. Announces the

Modular non-structural radiant subfloor system is proud to announce the release of the SmartTrac Radiant Panel Solution by Watts Radiant. Radiant, the Smart Way.

There are many solutions for above floor subfloor panels. Watts Radiant has done it's homework and provides one of the simplest smartest sleeper systems in the industry. If you can not get under the floor for a staple-up radiant floor system, then above floor is your only solution for radiant floor heating. If your radiant tubing is to be installed on top of a subfloor or existing concrete slab, or on the walls or ceiling. SmartTrac will fit your project.

Watts Radiant’s SmartTrac is a non-structural, modular board designed for subfloor, wall and ceiling radiant heating and cooling applications. It is manufactured from 5/8' (15.88 mm) thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) and is designed for use with 3/8' (9.5 mm), ASTM F876 PEX or ASTM F2623 PERT.

Features of the SmartTrac system:

One-panel solution

No messy silicone required

2-1/2 lbs. (1 kg) per square foot

Configure for any space

Responds faster than concrete

Ultra low profile, 5/8” (16 mm), Designed for 3/8' Tubing

Significantly reduce installation time

Eliminate schedule and curing delays

Minimum 92% recycled content, CARB ULEF exempt

SmartTrac Panels SmartTrac works with Watts Radiant’s RadiantPERT™ and RadiantPEX+™ Tubing.
SmartTrac Subfloor Radiant Under Hardwood Flooring SmartTrac Subfloor Radiant Under Tile

Easy to configure and quick to install, SmartTrac is a flexible solution for any new construction or remodeling project. With the release of the SmartTrac Subfloor Panel System, you get;

  • Deliver quiet, even, comfortable heat
  • Configure for any space
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Works with any floor covering
  • Designed for 3/8' PEX/PERT tubing

Please Contact Us to get a Free Radiant Floor Heating Estimate and find out how to use SmartTrac panels on your next job. Announces the

The industries Only Recyclable Radiant Tubing is proud to announce the release of the RadiatPERT Radiant Floor Tubing by Watts Radiant. This tubing is going to change the industry. /free-local-install-password-manager-2019/.

You thought you knew all of the types of Radiant Floor Tubing, well think again. PERT Tubing makes up about 25% of radiant tubing installed in Europe. Now it's here in the US.

RadiantPERT has the same heat transfer and oxygen barrier qualities as industry standard radiant PEX but with some more benefits.

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Proven Performance
  • 30 Year Track Record
  • Rated for 180°F at 80 psi

RadiantPERT Radiant Floor Tubing

'Angel on your shoulder' Warranty

On top of all these features, Watts Radiant heat places the best warranty in the industry. is proud to offer RadiantPERT with a 25 year REPLACEMENT factory warranty. That means, if the tubing fails in 25 years, Watts Radiant will pay the labor and material cost to replace the system. Ex, tubing in a slab fails, Watts will replace the slab. You don't get that warranty anywhere else. You do not need to be a trained professional to get the warranty. Just install it to their manual, and you're 'in like Flynn'. It's like having a guardian angel on your shoulder.

Now why would you choose another brand of PEX tubing for your radiant floor heating project?

Please Contact Us to find out which tubing solution is best for you. is proud to announce a new product to our line of Radiant Floor Heating products, the Watts Radiant FlexPlate, a revolutionary new type of underfloor heating plate. The primary material in the plate is a specially processed natural graphite giving FlexPlate unique heat conduction properties. Extensive performance testing indicates FlexPlate will outperform the industry standard aluminum plates. This increase in performance maximizes the thermal efficiency of any under floor radiant system through the use of lower input water temperatures. In some cases FlexPlate will permit the use of lower temperature sources such as modulating-condensing boilers, ground-source heat

pumps and solar thermal. FlexPlate is light weight, flexible, easy to cut to length, and features a simple staple-up installation.

FlexPlate is a revolutionary new type of underfloor heating plate.
The primary material in the plate is a specially processed natural graphite, giving FlexPlate 50% higher thermal conductivity than aluminum. Extensive performance testing indicates FlexPlate will outperform the extruded aluminum plates.

FlexPlates are lightweight, flexible, cut easily with scissors or a utility knife, ease to staple, and don't have any sharp edges that require grinding.

FlexPlate graphite plates install 40% faster than aluminum plates.


Want to learn more about Radiant Heat?

  • Open Systems and Water Heaters (270KB)
    What you must know!!!
    With permission from David Yates and

Need Installation Manuals?

Download them here. - These are the Manuals provided by the manufactures of the products we sell. Our radiant designs

  • Watts Radiant Design/Installation Manual (3.5MB)
    A comprehensive manual covering Concrete Slab, Under Subfloor, Over Subfloor, Snow Melting, System Design and Installation. A must read!!!
  • Watts Water PEX Installation Manual (400KB)
    A comprehensive manual on PEX Installation for Domestic Water Distribution

Having trouble reading manuals and forms? Download the latest free Adobe Reader.