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Fit your new appliances in your space. Measuring your space accurately and preparing a room for your new appliances can save a lot of time on installation day. Learn tips and tricks that will ensure everything goes smoothly. See the appliance delivery checklist ›. A $59 delivery fee applies to any major appliance purchases below $396. We'll remove your old appliances for an additional charge. Offer valid only at participating stores in U.S., Guam and Puerto Rico The Home Depot® stores and on select major appliance purchases on Delivery fees vary by zip code. Connection of New Appliance. Installers will connect refrigerator to a pre-existing waterline that has dedicated, accessible, non-corroded shut-off valve. Manufacturer supplied water filter or a new in-line water filter will be installed, if purchased. New refrigerator will. Appliances with Free Installation Off the Grid Appliances Buy Discount Appliances Online from a Name You Can Trust Whether it’s washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, or any of the other essentials of a contemporary home, Goedeker’s is your premier source for discount appliances online. Finance Offer & Payment Details. $201 /mo for 36 mos. For total of $7,223. With your Conn's credit card. 19.99% APR for 36 Months on purchases of this product with your Conn's Credit Card made between 01/01/21 and 12/31/21. 36 Fixed Monthly Payments Required. Offer applies only to single-receipt qualifying purchases.

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The Home Depot makes it easy to upgrade your appliances with our free and comprehensive Appliance Delivery service on Appliance Purchases $396 or more.

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Beside this, how much does Home Depot charge for appliance installation?

Home Depot charges $79 to install a dishwasher or OTR microwave, $19.99 to install a gas range or dryer. They charge nothing to install a refrigerator that comes with an factory-installed icemaker, an electric range, or an electric dryer.

Additionally, how much does it cost to install kitchen appliances? Cost to install kitchen appliances very from $55 to $195 per appliance or from $340 to $605 for basic installation of refrigerator, stove, microwave oven and dishwasher. After kitchen cabinets are installed it is a time to install kitchen appliances.

In this manner, does Home Depot install dishwashers for free?

Home Depot Dishwasher Installation CostHome Depot offers basic installation for $99 with free delivery 7-days a week when you spend $396 or more. A $19.99 installation kit fee, and $9.99 adapter fee will be included in all installation. A $59 delivery fee applies to any major appliance purchases below $396.

Does Lowes charge for appliance installation?

At Lowe's, free delivery is available seven days a week on all major appliances $396 or more. We'll hook up your new appliance, test it to make sure it's working and even walk you through a quick demo on how to use your new appliance. FREE Local Appliance Delivery Includes: Inspection of appliance for visible damage.

Install free apps on jailbreak iphone. The easiest way to install a refrigerator is to have the company that delivers it do it for free.

Honestly this is a service that comes with most new refrigerators and you shouldn’t overlook it especially if they are willing to do it for free however often they will charge you labor for a job anyone can do in just a few minutes.

There are only a few things that you need to do once you get your refrigerator out of its box.

Buy A Fridge With Free Installation At Home Depot

Setting up your Refrigerator

Remove the documentation and check your ice maker.
You should read your refrigerator’s specific documentation about adjusting its wheels to make it level and any other feature setups that need to be performed before it is plugged in.

Although most refrigerators are the same or at least basically the same your model may require different things such as distance to the back wall so your evaporator coils have space or removal of a shipping secure cardboard thingy from the ice maker so it will operate freely.
Double Measure your Unit for space requirements. Yes it is a little late now but having the unit in front of you it is a good idea to double check its measurements before you try to jam it into place.

Adjust the evaporator coil that is on the back of the refrigerator. If your coil is on the back and not under the refrigerator then there will probably be a tilt out setting that will position the coil away from the back wall of the unit so air can move freely.

Ice Maker Water supply lines

To get water into your refrigerator for making ice or for water that is provided via your refrigerator door you will need to buy a supply line kit. These kits although always necessary if you have an ice maker are not always included. Free lance vinyl installers in broward county. You should read the supplied parts when you order your refrigerator to make sure a kit is supplied or purchase one if needed.


You have 2 choices for a water supply line polypropylene plastic and flexible copper. So, which is better? This is a difficult question to answer.

Copper Line
The Copper used for installing a refrigerator water supply line is soft and flexible however it can be dented and kinked. The advantage of copper is that it is more durable and will provide you with stronger fastening connections. Some municipalities may require the use of copper and in that case the choice has already been made for you. Copper also costs more and it may require the use of a flaring tool to prepare the connection.

Poly Plastic Feed Lines
Polly lines are very inexpensive and only require basic cutting tools to install. Although the line is plastic it is very durable and will not kink or bend like copper will. The only problem with poly line is the connection. If you can get a good connector that will not only seal but secure the line well then you will not have problems for many years.

Stainless Steel Lines
Stainless lines are said to be flood proof but you have to understand that the interior of a stainless line is made of a plastic that can flex so eventually it will fail and the stainless will stay in tact. Stainless has been used and is preferred on washing machines.

The length of the line

No matter what type of material you use for your water supply line the length should be at least a few feet longer then that required to pull the refrigerator away from the wall and service or clean its grills. Most refrigerator supply lines come in a kit with the line and connectors if needed. In this case the line will be packaged to an appropriate length. If you are replacing the line just buy another kit. It is not worth saving a few cents on copper to find out you were off by a foot.

Water Filters
A water filter for your ice maker is a great idea. You will be amazed how much better your ice tastes and that flavor will effect every drink you use ice in.

If your refrigerator has a front door cold water supply the standard ice filter will be used up very quickly if they share the same feed. Check your manufacturers instructions. Often they install a filter inside the refrigerator specifically for the cold drinking water supply.

Your unit may also have a filter for the Ice Maker but most models do not. In this case you can install an In-Line water filter for about $20. You should place the filter in a position so you can gain easy access to it. The best thing is to mount it on the wall next to the side of the refrigerator so you can change the filter without the need to pull the whole refrigerator away from the wall.

Some filters will come with a supply line eliminating your need to buy it separately.

Leveling Your Refrigerator

So you thought your kitchen floor was level…. well maybe it is but you will still most likely need to adjust the level of your refrigerator.

All refrigerators have an adjuster on their feet to allow the raising and lowering of the tiny legs that support the wheels. Making the adjustment usually requires a standard set of wrenches but you may be able to do it by hand.

If you find that the adjustment needed can not be made by adjusting the wheels you will need to raise the unit safely. A good way to do this is with pieces of 1/8th inch thick luan plywood. The pieces should be at least 4×4 inches to spread the weight evenly.

When you get close to level check with a … level . Check front to back and side to side in a few locations both on top of the refrigerator and inside. Make sure your shelves are secure and aligned correctly so you do not mistake a bad shelf placement for an out of level unit.

Setting the Temperature

When you first start your refrigerator it will take about 6 to 12 hours before it settles and can be checked for final temperature adjustment.

Buy A Fridge With Free Installation Service

Check your instruction booklet for information about standard settings. Then check that temperature the next day and make adjustments.

Your refrigerator area should be 40F or less for safe storage of food HOWEVER checking the refrigerator after a night of in use will not be the same as during the day when many people go in and out of it. Although the refrigerator will always try to return to the right temperature even during heavy use you may need to adjust it to meet your needs.

Buy A Fridge With Free Installation Near Me

Final Note
Like we said at first the easiest way to install a refrigerator is to have the delivery guy install it for free but if they want to charge you $75 for a ice maker water filter or if you are saving the old one and putting it in the garage or basement (good luck getting it down the stairs) then doing the work yourself is pretty simple if you read your directions and have a few simple tools.

Buy A Fridge With Free Installation Home Depot

If you are disposing your old refrigerator you want to make sure you take the door off if it is a locking unit. New refrigerators do not shut in a way so you can not get out of them but older models do and if I still own one to store extra stuff you might too.

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