Bubble Free Screen Protector Laptop Installation Near Me

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A good place to apply a screen protector is in the bathroom, after you (or someone) has taken a hot shower - or just run the shower on hot for a little while, with fan off and door(s) closed.

The high humidity helps to eliminate the dust particles in the air (the dust particles attract moisture and get heavier, sinking towards the ground).

Also, I would suggest one more piece of tape, in the middle of the side opposite the two pieces, acting as a 'tab' that you can use in step 5 to 'flip' the protector over onto the device while pulling slightly to keep the 'hinge' pieces of tape taut.

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This article answers the question on many android users’ minds, will air bubbles go away on a screen protector?


The android screen has been subjected to many ridicules compared to the older generation of phones because of its weakness in falling. Two things were done in other to reduce the cracking of the screen due to falling or other mechanical damage.

The manufacturers started experimenting with different types of glass, which gave birth to the Corning Gorilla Glasses. Also, Due to the fragility of the screen of android devices, it is common for android manufacturers or third-party companies to develop a screen protector for a particular android device. These screen protectors are for a device and commonly should not be used for other devices because the angle and the camera position has been taken note of in its designing and developing.

Because the application of the Screen protector must be carefully done, it has led to many problems, such as the accumulation of air bubbles on the screen, which is annoying to some users.

There are questions in android communities such as:

  • Will the air bubble go away after applying my screen protector?
  • Is there a way to apply the screen protector without the air bubble accumulating?
  • Is there a way to remove the accumulated air bubble?
  • What will happen if there is an accumulation of air bubble on my screen


Air bubble is air. And you can liken yourself to asking the question of what should happen to your screen if air is in contact with your standard screen. Therefore, nothing should happen to your screen if there are air bubbles in between the glass protector and the screen. However, be careful so that a material harder than the screen does not lodge in between the screen and the protector.


There won’t be a need to worry about the question if there is no air bubble when applying your screen protector in the first place. The presence of air bubbles in between the screen protector and the screen is one of the things android users like to avoid.

If you want to apply the screen protector on your android device without the accumulation of air bubbles, follow this step.


Clean the Screen

Before installing the protector, to reduce the presence of air bubble and dust, it is expected that you wipe the screen of your android device with the alcohol wipe (which is sometimes included with the screen protector as part of the installation items), you are then supposed to remove dust from the screen using the sticky dust removal strip also present as part of the installing items.

It is after you have made the screen very clean with no presence of dust and water molecules because these lead to the air bubble in between the screen and the protector.

Press the screen into your phone.

Before beginning the process, you must know that the screen protector cover must be the last item to be removed.

Bubble Free Screen Protector Laptop Installation Near Me Map

Align the screen protector with the phone screen and press firmly the protector in the middle of the phone screen with your finger. It is better to start from the middle because it will make it easy for you to work the air bubbles at the edge middle during installation.

Because there is no how the installation might go, that air bubble should not be formed, starting at the middle works to remove the bubble towards the edge.


No, the air bubble should remain entrapped on the screen till you remove it. You need not worry, though, since the air will not have any effect on your screen. However, if you are concerned with the presence like millions of smartphone owners, you can try to remove the air bubble by reading the next part of the article.


Because installation is never perfect and it takes a certain amount of dexterity to achieve a bubble-less screen protected android device. There is a need for a way to remove the already present air bubble present on the android device. There are two significant ways of removal, which are:


To do this, you need a plastic card, for example, a driver’s car, a voter card, or a debit card. It is efficient in the removal of air bubbles although it needs a sheer amount of force in providing the best result. The plastic card must be clean, and there must be consistence in the working of the swipe, or else it is for naught – you have lost the war. You must take note of your android device screen for example with LCD screen you must not press too hard


Bubble Free Screen Protector Laptop Installation Near Me Now

This method is better for the removal of the air bubble in the already installed screen protector.

  • Step 1: Switch off your android device
  • Step 2: Remove the screen protector and place it in a solution of rubbing alcohol, water, and soap. The solution of rubbing alcohol and water must be in equal part will the soap must just be a drop of soap. Place the screen protector submerged in the solution for some minutes. Remove the screen protector, shake the screen to remove the excess solution, and hold it up for a little time.
  • Step 3: Apply the screen on the android device, smoothen with a credit card and let it dry.

Do not worry about the solution, becoming entrapped on the screen after the application of the screen protector. The solution should evaporate after some minutes.


Bubble Free Screen Protector Laptop Installation Near Me Location

Plastic protectors are more liable to have air bubbles more than tempered glass protector. Therefore it is better to get the tempered one. Another one is to use the liquid glass screen protector, which is 100% not susceptible to air bubbles at all.