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Advance Auto Parts Free Services In Stores – So, anytime the word “free” is used, either online or off, I’m immediately skeptical. Usually the “free” item in question requires some other kind of purchase, which means that it isn’t free at all.

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  5. Free Car Battery Installation With Purchase

With Century Battery Assist, you have can avail of free delivery and installation 24 hours in Klang Valley.Need to change your car battery? The Assist package includes the following: 24 hours free.

Car battery purchase and installation

Personally, at best I think the word “bonus” is more appropriate in most cases. Like how the hotel I just stayed at for $250 a night gave me “free WIFI,” or how WW offers “free signup” (when you pay for 3 months!) Vistaprint offers “free” business cards, but prepare to pay double for shipping. That’s not really free.

Anyway, I recently saw that Advance Auto was listed as one of the “best stores for free services,” so I thought I’d look into it. So, what will they give you for free? Here’s our list of the best:

Best Free Services from Advance Auto Parts:

1. Free Battery Testing, Installation, Recycling:

They say to get a new battery every few years, but they don’t exactly give you a countdown before they die. (How long should a car battery last?) Go to any APP store, and they will test your battery for free. If you buy one, they will also install it for free. Usually garages will charge you a an extra fee of about $30 for that!

2. Free Check Engine Light Scan

Why is your check engine light on? Last time I stopped by a garage, they charged me $40 to see why my check-engine light was on. (It was a loose gas cap!) If you need a more comprehensive analysis, they can also refer you to a pro

3. Free Electrical Testing:

This Includes your starter & alternator, so if you are having any issues starting your car, they cover all the bases at the same time for free

4. Free Wiper Installation (w/ Purchase)

OK, so it requires that you buy something. Let’s call this a nice bonus. Last time I installed my own windshield wipers, it took me over 20 minutes!

5. Free Oil Recycling:

If you perform your own oil changes, you’ll know that you can’t exactly pour that stuff down the sink. Just take it to their store and they will dispose of it for you. They also have oil change specials in-store that save you up to $20 on new oil and filters

6. Free Loaner Tools:

Really!? There is no use buying a tool that you only use once every two years. Just leave a deposit, and you can borrow their tools for free. Even crazy stuff like spring compressors and specialized pullers. (Sorry, they don’t have eggs or sugar. You’ll have to ask your neighbor for that!)

7. Free in-store pickup:

Need parts now? The best promo codes for Advance Auto are online only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Order anything online, and specify in-store pickup to get it immediately. (30 minutes)

8. Bonus: Free DIY Advice!

From ASE certified DIY professionals. You can’t get that at most stores. I asked someone at Home Depot a question about the blueberry bushes they were selling, and I may as well have asked them for help with my Irish step dancing techniques

Tip: If You Plan to Actually Buy Something…

You might just be stopping by an Advance Auto for a free service, but if you buy anything, always use a promo code. You’ll save up to 25% on your order, and can choose in-store pickup or free delivery. Pretty sweet deal!

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You try turning on your car and…nothing. Instead of an engine roaring to life, you’re greeted with a sputter, spinning sound or complete silence. A dead battery is a major inconvenience. But the experts at Virginia Tire & Auto can get you back on the road in no time!

We’re proud to offer a selection of long-lasting, high-quality car batteries from America’s No. 1 replacement brand—Interstate Batteries.

Trusted by mechanics for more than 65 years, Interstate Batteries provide drivers the dependability and power they need.

  • Averages 640 cold cranking amps.
  • Provides more power for accessories and plug-in devices than the competition.
  • 24-month free replacement and 60-month nationwide performance warranty.
  • Averages 780 cold cranking amps.
  • Provides more power for accessories and plug-in devices than the Mega-Tron® II.
  • 30-month free replacement and 72-month nationwide performance warranty.

*Prices do not include taxes, shop supply charge or $15 installation fee (some vehicles extra).

All Virginia Tire & Auto car battery purchases come with:

  • Visual inspection of the starting system
  • Fast, prompt installation by a trained mechanic
  • Best price guarantee for comparable quality and installation
  • Assurance that your car battery meets or exceeds the specifications of your vehicle
  • Hassle-free battery warranty
  • Responsible recycling of your old battery

Our technicians even install your new battery with a special process that ensures your radio, navigation and other electronic component presets stay locked in.

On average, a car battery lasts between three and five years. However, that lifespan may be shorter if your battery is exposed to extreme conditions or you let it run out of charge multiple times. Ultimately, if you’re driving around with a battery that’s old enough for kindergarten, the odds of getting stranded with a dead car battery will keep going up.

Not sure how old your battery is? Your car battery comes with a “born on” date. Normally, it’s a letter and number corresponding to a month and year. The letter represents a month—A is January, B is February, C is March, D is April and so on. The number corresponds to the final digit of the year it was produced—6 is 2016, 7 is 2017, 8 is 2018, 9 is 2019, and so on.

I had to get a jump-start. Do I need to get a new battery?

Having to jump-start your car does not necessarily mean that your battery cannot hold a charge.Common reasons for a drained battery include letting the battery sit for an extended period or leaving your lights or other electronics on when the car is off.

Best Car Battery Free Installation

After a jump-start, drive it for at least 20-30 minutes to give the alternator time to recharge the battery. If the battery won’t hold a charge and you have to jump-start it every time you start the car, bring it to your local Virginia Tire & Auto. We’ll test it to see if it’s timeto get a replacement battery.

When your battery is damaged or dead, you’re going nowhere fast. That’s why it’s imperative to make a car battery check part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

Virginia Tire & Auto recommends having your battery inspected every time you bring your vehicle in for routine service—approximately every 7,500 miles. Internet explorer 7 free download for windows xp offline installer. Our technicians test your battery every time it’s in the shop as part of our Courtesy Vehicle Inspection.

These are some common indicators that you need to replace your battery:

  • Corrosion, or white build-up, around the positive (+) and negative (-) connections
  • Slow engine crank
  • Check engine light/battery warning light
  • Swollen or bloated battery case
  • Battery leak
  • Low battery fluid level
  • Battery older than five years

My battery is new, but I'm still having problems. What could be wrong?

Your vehicle’s electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. All three components have to work correctly and in unison for your car to start and run properly.

Battery – Your car battery provides your vehicle with the power it needs to start.
Starter – The battery sends an electrical charge to the starter, which engages the starter motor when you turn your key.
Alternator – Your alternator provides electrical energy to your car while the
engine is running and recharges the car battery.

Warning signs that your car’s electrical system is failing include:

Best Car Battery Free Installation
  • Electrical system/battery warning light
  • Regularly blown fuses
  • Slow crank when the ignition key is turned
  • Loss of accessory power
  • Car won’t start

If you think that your car has problems with its electrical system, bring it into Virginia Tire & Auto for an electrical system evaluation today.

Why Choose Virginia Tire & Auto?

We’re 100% committed to making sure you’re 100% satisfied.

We’ve spent more than 40 years doing things the right way, and that’s why part of our culture is to make sure you’re in the most friendly, comfortable and honest environment possible. It’s also why our warranty not only covers all our services but will also be honored at all our locations, too.

Our Complete WarrantyLisa C., Virginia Tire & Auto of Springfield

'The staff are honest, professional and treat every customer like they are the only one. They will be direct when something needs to be done and will also be straightforward when something can be delayed. I trust them with my car and get all my work done with them.'

Vineet A., Virginia Tire & Auto of One Loudoun

'Virginia Tire and Auto might be the only car place I have ever been to where I encounter 100% honesty. Everybody I have ever dealt with has been extremely friendly, thorough, honest, etc. All the service/repairs I have gotten have been top-notch and reasonably priced. When you treat people well, it serves you well, as you'll have a customer for life.'

Donna M., Virginia Tire & Auto of Vienna

Car Battery Purchase And Installation

'Great customer service. Totally trust this place with the care and maintenance of my car! Been using VA Tire & Auto for 9 years and have always walked away satisfied and happy with the service.'

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Free Car Battery Installation With Purchase

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